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A Peak At This Week!

This week, we are focusing on the Sunshine State Standard of Speaking and Listening.



  • Working together to create class rules. We will listen to each other and work together to create these rules.


  • Insects! We will be describing are favorite and least favorite insects. We will also be drawing them to take home.                


  • "Welcome Back" School Assembly. We will have our listening ears on and remain quiet during the assembly.


  • Getting to know my classmates. We will be describing our families to our classmates and tell them about our favorite place to go with our family.


  • Learning about Labor Day. We will listen to our teacher describe this holiday and participate in a special art project!




  • We will know each other's names by listening and practicing


  • We will know where all of the school supplies are


  • We will raise our hand when we would like to speak and listen to our classmates when they are speaking


  • We will not interrupt our neighbor

*Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all! ~Elizabeth Momberg (lizmomberg@gmail.com)