Bowman Ashe/Doolin K-8 Academy


Teacher: Mrs. E. Monduy                                                                   Subject: Regular/Advanced Civics

Email:                                                       Room: 706


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

I am sending this letter to all my students` parent(s)/guardian(s) as the introduction to my 7th Civics classes. Parents, please review all areas of this with your child. Please ask any questions and concerns you may have. Your child will be held responsible for understanding and following these directions.

Class Procedures

  1. TEXTBOOKS: Books will be assigned to each student for home use. Book checks will be done 4 times annually for a grade. Books will be returned at the end of the school year. Lost or damaged books must be paid for.
  2. HOMEWORK: is given once a week. It will consist of a variety of assignments including vocabulary, chapter questions, reading, worksheets, and projects. It is the responsibility of EACH student to bring his/her homework. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!
  3. MAKE-UP WORK: when a student has an excused absence from school, make-up work will be provided upon request from the student. One day for each excused absence is allowed to complete the work. After allowed time has passed, NO late assignments will be accepted.
  4. CONDUCT GRADES: will be based on the student’s daily behavior in class.
  5. DETENTIONS: Detentions will be given for misbehavior and unexcused tardies.
  6. TARDIES: After 2 unexcused (no pass) tardies, a conduct cut will be given. After 3 unexcused tardies, a detention will be given.
  7. BATHROOM/WATER PASSES: Each student will have 4 bathroom and water passes every nine weeks. * If a student has a medical condition and needs to use the bathroom or drink water on a regular basis, they need to bring a note from home/doctor.*
  8. CHEATING: is NOT tolerated. Giving or receiving answers is considered cheating. Talking or having your eyes on a paper other than your own during a test or quiz is considered cheating..

Grading Scale

A – 100 % - 90 %       B – 89% - 80%            C – 79% - 70%           D – 69% - 60%           F – 59% - 0%

A ZERO (2 Fs) will be given for work not done or not turned in on due date in class.Classroom grading will be based on test (3 grades) and quiz (2 grades) scores, classwork, homework, and projects.

Class Responsibilities

Required Materials

  1. 3- Ring binder (any size)                                        5. Lined Notebook paper
  2. # 2 pencils & pens (Blue or black AND red)         6. colored pencils and/or crayons and markers
  3. Spiral / composition notebook                             7. Highlighters (4 Pack)
  4. 4 packs (100 cards each) of 4X6 Index Cards      8. Agenda or academic planner


  1. Any student(s) without their materials in class will receive a ZERO on their assignment(s) that day.

Class Rules

  1. Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings (at the beginning of class).
  2. NO eating, chewing gum, or grooming in class.
  3. Raise your hand and wait until you are recognized before speaking.
  4. NO cursing, vulgar or offensive language.
  5. Come to class prepared: shirts tucked in, IDs around your neck, & have all necessary materials.
  6. Keep your hands, feet, and all objects to yourself.
  7. NO cell phones, mp3s players, other electronic usage, or disruptive materials in class. I will confiscate them!


  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Conduct Cut (1 letter grade)
  3. Removal from class / Team Detention / parent notification
  4. Parent / Teacher Conference
  5. Referral / SCSI or Suspension


Successful achievement will be rewarded with: homework passes, candy, Honor Roll, and/or awards. If at any time you wish to speak to me or to set up a parent/teacher conference, please contact the school or e-mail me. I appreciate your support and look forward to a successful school year.