Chapter 12 Test Study Guide

Chapter 12 Test Study Guide

Directions: Define the following key terms.

1. bandwagon

2. interest group

3. lobbyists

4. mass media

5. public agenda

6. public interest groups

7. public opinion

8. public opinion poll

9. public policy

10. prior restraint

Directions: Answer the following questions.

11. No one is free to publish ________, which is false information that will harm someone`s reputation.

12._______  _______ consists of newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and books.

13. Radio, television, and the Internet are considered ____ media.

14. The ____ technique is an attempt to turn people against a candidate or idea by using an unpleasant label or description.

15. What 4 things influence/shape public opinion?

16. The idea of the ____ appeal is to make people think a candidate is just like them.

17. The mass media plays an important ____ role by exposing government misconduct.

18. Elected officials sometimes ____ information to the press to test public reaction to an idea or policy.

19. Most presidents employ a ____ whose job is to conduct polls regularly.

20. The _______ technique uses words and images that sound & look good to convince people.

21. The ______ technique only presents 1 side of the issue, candidate, or product.

22. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, recordings, movies, and books are called _________.

23. The _______ technique uses famous people to support a candidate, product, or issue.

24. The ______ cannot censor broadcasts, but it can punish stations that break its rules.

True and False

25. Some of the largest & most powerful interest groups are based on economic interests.

26. Interest groups do not care if people like and support them.

27. Television is the most important medium for mass media since it reaches the most people.

28. Media does not affect the public agenda of the president of the United States.

29. The 1st Amendment protects media from censorship.