Chapter 3 Test Study Guide

Chapter 3 Test Study Guide


DIRECTIONS: Define the following key Terms.


  1. Civics                                      6. Duty
  2. Refugee                                   7. Responsibility
  3. Ethnic Group                            8. Representative Democracy
  4. Government                             9. Constitutional Monarchy
  5. Citizens                                   10. Volunteerism

11. A government controlled by one person or a small group of people is called_______________.

12. What is the term for the process by which aliens can become citizens?

13. What is the term for people who move permanently to a new country?

14. If discovered by the government, _______ _______will be deported.

15. The first Europeans to settle permanently in North America in the 1500s were from___________.

16. Legal aliens have many of the rights of citizens, such as___________________________ (name 3)

17. Unlike citizens, aliens may NOT__________________________________.(Name 3)

18. The three different levels of government are__________,  ___________ , and __________.(In order)

19. A state government cannot take actions that go against the laws and authority of__________________.

20. The foundations of democracy began where?

21. E pluribus unum is Latin for___________________________.

22. What are taxes used for? List 3 examples.

23. A citizen’s most important duty is to obey the __________.

24. What organization provides volunteer opportunities to Americans aged 55 and older?

DIRECTIONS: True/False. Write either T or F.

23. More and more Americans now earn a living by providing services.

25. The government of the United States is a dictatorship.

26. If you give up your American citizenship, you can get it back if you change your mind.

27. Local governments can print money.

Directions: Read each statement below and then decide if it`s a citizen`s DUTY or RESPONSIBILITY to do the following things.

28. Watching President Obama`s State of the Union speech.

29. Going to school.

30. Volunteering at the Humane Society every Saturday morning.

31. Throwing away only paper in the classroom`s blue recycling bin.

32. Following the speed limit.

33. Defending the United States in times of war.

34. Paying taxes.