Chapter 6 Test Study Guide

Chapter 6 Test Study Guide: The Bill of Rights

Answer the following questions. You may use the Textbook Online ( & your Notes on Chapter 6 to answer the questions.


Definitions: Match each definition with a vocabulary word.


1. laws passed by Southern states to limit the                                                 A. accused

rights of African Americans


2. unfair treatment based on prejudice against a certain group                         B. black codes


3. Programs that try to make up for past discrimination                                  C. affirmative action


4. People officially charged with crimes                                                           D. eminent domain


5. Strong reasons to think someone or something was involved in a crime      E. discrimination


6. social separation of the races.                                                                                F. poll taxes


7. following established legal procedures.                                                      G. slander


8. the right to vote.                                                                                         H. due process


9. printing lies that harm a person’s reputation.                                              I. probable cause


10. a sum of money that voters were required to                                            J. libel

 pay before casting a ballot.


11. right of the government to take private property                               K. segregation


12. spoken lies that harm a person’s reputation.                                             L. suffrage


13. lawsuit that involve disagreements between people rather than crimes.       M. civil cases


14. You have been unfairly charged with a crime that you did not commit. Unfortunately, you are very poor and cannot afford a lawyer. You go to trial without anyone to help you. Amendment #_______


15. You are at home minding your own business. Suddenly there is a loud banging at your door. Soldiers are demanding that you give them a place to sleep and food to eat. Amendment #_____


16. The state of Florida has chosen that only one man and one woman are allowed to marry legally. Amendment #_____


17. Lectures, Internet communication, and radio and TV broadcasts are covered by the guarantee of freedom of________________.


18. Which amendment to the Constitution gave women the right to vote?


19. The practice of singling out suspects because of the way they look is referred to as ___________   __________.


20. In 1948, President Harry Truman ordered an end to segregation in the nation’s _________.


21. A _______   _______ is a court order allowing police to search a suspect’s home or business and take specific items as evidence.


22. Expressing complaints about community problems or suggestions for improving your community are protected by the freedom of _______________.


23. The First Amendment is probably the best known amendment because it protects five basic ___________.


24. Forming and joining clubs, political parties, and labor unions are part of our freedom of _________.


25. The Sixth Amendment guarantees________, _______, _______, ______.(Name all 4 rights)


26._______  ________ means that a person judged not guilty cannot be put on trial again for the same crime.


27. Which amendment makes it illegal to torture people? ___________


True or False

28. Amendment 21 canceled Amendment 18.


29. Amendment 8 gives you the right to remain silent.


30. The 23rd amendment gives Washington, D.C. the right to vote in ALL elections.


31. Amendment 22 limits the president to two terms or 10 years maximum.


32. The 2nd amendment gives people the right to own guns.