FAQ (?)

I bet you have lots of questions!

I'm not sure I can anticipate them all at this beginning stage of my career.  I will direct you to a site which I hope will address your questions directly:

Canadian Parents for French - Newfoundland and Labrador


Here are couple more that I thought might be of concern:


Q:  My child says he has no homework, should I believe him?

A: You can check my homework page for assigned work, but at this stage in your child's language learning there is always need for review of vocabulary and notes.  


Q: Is French Immersion harder than English stream courses?

A: French Immersion is a challenge, as your child is being taught in a language that they are learning.  Your child’s French course will be more challenging than a Core French course, but that is the nature of the program.


Q: How important is accuracy in my child’s work?

A: We will be covering specific grammatical structures in class (e.g. le passé composé) and I will be looking for evidence of comprehension of such concepts. However, accuracy in writing or speaking is not of the utmost importance.  We are learning together.


Q: What kind of French will be spoken in your class?

A: I have most of my experience in France French, but I will be incorporating sources from all areas of the Francophonie so that students are exposed to many dialects.