About me


I am a French language enthusiast and am very excited about having your child in my class.  My passion for the language comes from many years of French study.  I was not fortunate enough to have been offered an Immersion program when I was in school in Lethbridge, NL.  Despite this I decided to do my first degree in French (B.A. 2009, MUN) and to go on to teach the language. (B.Ed. 2010, MUN)

I did a year of studies in Nice, France in 2006-2007.  And I taught [will teach] English for a year in the north of France in 2010-2011.  

I hope that during this year in my class your child will learn to love the French language as much as I do!


You can contact me at the school number: 555-5555

Or by email:  teacheremail@schoolsite.ca


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Erin Murphy