Sample activities


You might be wondering what French class consists of.  Let me assure you that it is not just worksheets and "Repetez, s'il vous plait!"


The following are examples of activities that your child might be doing this year in our class.  I have provided outcomes from the Curriculum Guide to show you what we are covering by doing such activities.

  • Write a fan letter to a celebrity (or other type of idol) of your choice. Creativity encouraged!

Specific Outcome: Write stories, letters, reports, essays, compositions and publicity.

Here we hope to appeal to the students personal interests and get them to use the written language to express themselves.


  • Discuss in small groups the importance of style and fashion (brand names, etc.) in your life.

Specific Outcome: Compare behaviours, habits and customs (e.g., similarities and differences).

 Reflecting on their own style preferences and comparing them with those of their classmates will allow students to use oral language for discussion.


  • With a partner, read a news story and come up with possible headlines.

Specific Outcomes: Examine reports (e.g., documentaries, news reports).

Distinguish relevant and irrelevant, accurate and inaccurate information.

Students will need to find the important aspects of the story to decide what the main ideas are to come up with creative headlines that fit.