Sample outcomes

There are six General Curriculum Outcomes for Intermediate Français. I have provided the first three below. I have chosen some Key Stage and Specific Outcomes contained within the GCOs to give you an idea of what your child will be expected to be able to do.  These are all copied directly from the Curriculum Guide, which you can download here.


I.         Students will be expected to communicate for different purposes:

 4. Incite or convince someone to act (Incitatif):

  • Create publicity that includes visual images when appropriate.


II.         Students will be expected to obtain information, share experiences and broaden perspectives.

2. Analyze and compare information and ideas:

  • Compare fictitious events and actions to real life ones.


III.         Students will be expected to communicate effectively:

1. Speak and write effectively to share knowledge, ideas and feelings:

  • Use simple and complex sentences and a variety of tenses.