Yemen Culture and Geography

How does geography impact/create/influence culture? 

 January 2011

Let’s have a look at the country of Yemen. 

  • Yemen does not have very much oil.  
  • On the Human Development Index for 2010, Yemen’s rank is __________ out of ___________ countries, which is low.  

So perhaps people don’t think that Yemen is important or beautiful.  I think you should decide for yourself!


Read the project guidelines below: 

 Part 1: Create a map book of Yemen which includes the following five maps:  (blank outline map of Yemen)

 Physical Features

  1. Rub' al Khali or the Empty Quarter  
  2. Rivers (called Wadi in Arabic)
  3. Mountains
  1. Capital City of Sanaa
  2. 4 other cities (must include Aden and Shibam)
  3. Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, Arabian Sea
  4. Population
  • Climate Map
  • Vegetation Map
  • Economic Activity Map
  1. Resources
  2. Land Use
 Part 2: Culture of Yemen

Below are a series of videos, maps, and articles having to do with the culture of Yemen


Al Abbas mosque restoration

 Old Walled city of Shibam 

(Also see "Collected Videos of Yemen" available on Mrs. Murry's flashdrive)

Fast Food Yemeni Style

Yemen Travel Guide (not all videos are available here)


Watch at least 3 videos and take good notes for each video on notecards.

  • Write the name of the video on the card.
  • Use your senses to help you write down ideas.  
  1. Hearing-- What are people saying?  Is there music?  What can you hear?
  2. Seeing-- What are the men wearing?  What are the women wearing?  What do the children wear?  What do the buildings look like?  What does the land look like?  Do you see plants?  Animals?
  • Write down the names of the places that the videos are about, and find them on the map.  You may need to look up city names and write them on your map of Yemen.


Part 3: Writing on the Connection between Culture and Geography.

Carefully read over your notes and the maps you have created.  Now, begin making connections between the facts written on your cards and the maps you have created.

Create a graphic organizer that looks like this:


 Facts from Notecards Connection between Culture and Geography 
Political Features and Population   
 Physical Features   
 Economic Activity: Resources  
 Economic Activity: Land Use  

Writing Prompt:  How does geography influence culture in Yemen?  Write a paragraph that discusses the relationship between geography and culture in Yemen, and use at least three examples to support your ideas.   Write in all the facts that you can connect to these ideas.