Equitable Digital Access


      With each passing day, there is some type of an advancement in technology that educators simply cannot stay ahead of it. Each year, teachers are asked to incorporate more and more technology into their lessons. Parents are struggling to provide their children with the latest technology, as are schools. Schools are doing their best to keep up, but it's not always easy.


     The best way to ensure that all students are receiving the same amount of computer time is to use class time. Our school doesn't allow electronic devices from home, so that means scheduling the rolling computer carts or the computer lab which is, at times, a challenge in itself. When there are not enough computers for everyone, teachers are having students work with a partner or in groups. At our school, teachers use a calendar to sign-up for the lab...scheduling the lab is a challenge! Ideally, every student needs his or her own laptop or tablet, but obviously, that's not always feasible in small schools or those schools who do not allow outside electronic devices, including phones.

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Ensuring Equitable Digital Access


It is proven that increasing access to technology increases student learning.

The video below proves this fact.

Increases Student Learning


How can teachers use technology in the classroom?

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