Extra Resources

Listed below are some helpful resources that I have found on-line. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know!

Finding a book

Teen Reads 

  • A good list of contemporary teen books with descriptions

Skokie Public Library 

  • A good resource to search for books by themes, both contemporary and classic.

Juvenile Series and Sequels 

  • Another good site to research books based on author, title, etc.
  • You can also look up books based on book awards, book clubs, and if a movie as been made.

Info Soup  

  • You can find book related to age and theme with descriptions of books

Grammar Help

Grammar Slammer

  • Not sure where to put that comma? Get a little confused between "their" and "there"? This site is very easy to use and will answer your basic grammar questions.

Authors and Literature

Arts on the Web

  • This is a wonderful website with a lot of information that lists authors and what they wrote. You can also locate authors by searching by time periods.

Spark Notes

  • Don't understand the plot of a story? Having a hard time figuring out which character is which? This is a great resource to use when you do not understand a book.

Citing Resources

Easy Bibs

  • This cite does the work for you! You type in the information of your resource and BAM! You have yourself a bibliography in no time!

Purdue Owl

  • For those hard working souls who would rather do the bibliography themselves but are unsure where that comma goes, this site is for you! They even give you tips on how to find good resources. My favorite website from my college days!