Bibliography Entries for Project

Your bibliography is a list of the resources you used in your project.

Your works cited will follow the MLA (Modern Language Association) style of writing.

When typing your report, type (don't handwrite) the bibliography.


Sample entries for books with one or two authors:


Aloian, Molly and Bobbie Kalman.  A Wetland Habitat.  New York, New York:  Crabtree Publishing,  2007. 


Baldwin, Carol.  Living in the Tundra.  Chicago, Illinois:  Heinemann Library,  2004. 


Grimbly, Shona. Endangered Cheetahs.  New York:  Benchmark Books, 1999.


James, Ray.  Plant Cycle.  Nature's Cycles.  Vero Beach, Florida:  Rourke Publishing,  2007. 


Sample entries for websites:

Orangutans in the Wild.  10 November 2010.  http://orangutansonline.html


Hoffman, Joel.  "How to Save Orangutans."  5 November 2010.  http://orangutaninformation/orangutans.html