Biome Brochure

Biome Brochure Project

The Biome Brochures are graded and were returned on November 7 (or earlier).  I was overall impressed with the Brochures.  The students learned about a foreign city and the surrounding biome.  Each student received a small sheet with his or her grade and a few comments.  Students also were given time in the classroom to view other projects and write positive comments about other projects.  Brochures are currently adorning our hallway and will be returned in a few weeks.  Thanks to all the parents who assisted their student in completing the project.

Next project is being assigned soon!  See my page on Animal and Inspiration Project. 


Assigned on October 11, 2011

Due on October 27, 2011

Students will be given large paper for project on Friday, October 14.

Students should pick an interesting world city and what biome the city is in or near.

Students should then research the biome and the city.

Find information on local animals and plants and interesting area attractions.

Find information on the climate, local weather, best months to visit, and other special information.

Follow the guidelines to complete the brochure.

Parents must sign the sheet by Monday, October 17, 2011.

Have fun and be creative.  Gain some knowledge about the area, the biome, and the city.

I found that the Japanese Giant Salamander can be over 4 feet long.

I also found that Tokyo is on a similar latitude as Raleigh, North Carolina.

Did you know that the Japanese Gingko trees have unique fan shaped leaves!