CORSE Computer Club - Spring 2017

Computer Club, sponsored by C.O.R.S.E., will begin in October 2016.

In this afterschool program, students will learn computer programs and enjoy fun learning activities.

Students from all Scituate elementary schools are invited to join us. 


Many thanks to CORSE for all of their programs and assistance.

These are a few websites you may enjoy.  I hope you like them.  We will explore these websites during class.

Note:  the pbs and the edheads sites have online medical procedures that are always a hit.

Please let me know if one of the links below is not functioning properly.  Thanks!

1.  The name says it all.

2.  More yucky and gross information.

3.  Great site about space, planets, and the mysteries of the universe.

4.  At this site, you can do an online heart transplant!

5.  Many good parts to this wonderful site, including simple machines and an online hip replacement with many x-rays.

6.  Website of the San Diego Zoo, included great information about animals.

7.  Website of the National Zoo in Washington, DC.

8.  NASA kids club site with many games, activities, and information.

9.  Wonderful website with information about under the water and above the ground.

10.  The site is amazing and is all about space.

11.  The site includes information about all the planets and other bodies in space.

12.  Another fun NASA site for chidren.

13.  Great site with loads of information on weather, storms, and meteorology.

14.  Many games, activities, and loads of information at this children's site from American Museum of Natural History.  One of my favorite sites!

15.  This site includes many codes.  Develop your own to communicate in secret with your friends and/or family.