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Mid term test (V2.1)


Students will be taking a mid term test on Tuesday, April 1.

This test will assist students in remembering terms and definitions for the upcoming Science MCAS test and will help students to remember terms and concepts for general science work this year and onward.  The mid term is also practice for the students for later mid terms in junior high, senior high, and college. 

The mid term that the students take will include mainly vocabulary from grade 5 science.  A few concepts may be from grade 4 science. 

Majority of the test will require the student to recognize the term from the given definition.


1.   producer        an organism that makes its own food.

2.  fulcrum           pivot point on which a lever moves

Students will be given some time in class to study to ensure they are working on the appropriate terms.

Most of the vocabulary/terms can be found on my website.  Students can and should do "Learning Activities" on my website to prepare for this test.

The Quizlet sites below are great practice for vocabulary and terms.  These Quizlet activities were created by others so they may have a few words that do not apply to us.  Quizlet allows you to practice the words and play games to help you learn and remember the terms.

Students (with Parent Permission!) can create a Quizlet log in and password and create their own sets of vocabulary flashcards.  Students may find Quizlet useful for other subjects.  Let me know if you are create your own cards!  We can share the cards with the class.

Parents:  Try the Mid term Review test on Quizstar also.  Parents can login with their students ID and Password.

Students can and should review terms from:

1.  Rocks and Minerals

2.  Biomes and Environments

3.  Water and Water Cycle

4.  Weather and Weather Instruments

5.  Simple Machines and Forces

6.  Bones of the Human Body

7.  Electicity and Magnetism

8.  Sun, Moon, and Stars


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