Google Slides Project

Google Slides Project

Grade five students have been assigned a Science Project using Google Slides (similar to Power Point).  Students have selected a science book of their choice and will complete a Slide Show with information from the book.  Students will also complete a poster, a notes and information sheet, and a writing assignment in class.

Parents should sign the assignment sheet with due dates.

A model  Slide Show was viewed in class and students began creating their Slide Shows in class.

Due Dates:

Poster -                            ??

Notes Sheet  -                ?? (will be started in class)

In Class Writing -          Week of ??

Power Point Slides -     ?? (students will have time in the computer lab and in class with the chromebooks)


Due dates for the project are on Aspen.  Poster paper was passed out on Friday, January 24.


Parts of the project:

1.  Poster - students will complete a poster of their topic.  Students should be creative and informative in their work.  Students should include the book title and author on their poster.  Students must have their name on the bottom left corner and their homeroom teacher's name on the bottom right corner.

Poster will be completed at home and can be turned in early if completed.

Poster worth 50 points

2.  Power Point Slide Show - students will use the computers in the lab and the laptops in class (when available) to complete a slide show of their topic.  Students should complete a total of 12-15 slides using the information from the book. 

The first slide will be a title slide.

The second slide will be a "All About Me" slide.

Next slides should be information from the book.

Some possible slide ideas include:  fun facts, did you know, case study, new vocabulary, table of information, chart, important scientists, instruments and tools,  simple experiments, how to help, history, timelines, in the future, major events.  

Students are welcome to create their own slide ideas.

Last slides should be a bibliography, what I learned, and a final closing slide.

Slides should include transitions, sound, animations, clip art, word art, text changes (size, font, color), background changes, and any other creative elements that can be used.

Power Point Slide Show will be created at school.  Time will be given by homeroom teachers during weekly lab time and time will be given during science class when the laptops are scheduled.

Power Point Slide Show is worth 50 points.

3.  Notes and Information Sheet - students will fill out a notes and information sheet to assist in creating the slides and to assist in completing the writing in class.  

Notes and Information sheet will be started in class and will be completed at home.

Notes and Information Sheet is worth 50 points.

4.  In Class Writing Assignment - students will complete an in class writing assignment using their notes sheet.  In class writing will be completed in early March.

In Class Writing Assignment is worth 50 points.

Students - have fun, be creative, and learn about your science topic and learn to use Power Point!