Students -

Early in the year we will begin to use Quizstar to take online tests.  

Mr. English will provide IDs and passwords in September.

You will be able to access your Quizstar account and take any open quizzes.

Quizstar student login page


Only take a quiz at home if we have also done the quiz in class or in the lab.  Thanks!

You can attempt most quizzes several times (usually two or three times).  Students you may save a quiz attempt to show your parents!!

Parents -

QuizStar quizzes assist in preparing students for the Science MCAS assessment in Spring of Grade 5.

Some QuizStar tests include:

     Science Mixed Review

     Environments Review

     Simple Machines Pretest


     Water Cycle

Quizstar is an online site for creating quizzes and testing students.  Students will be taking quizzes in various subjects using their Quizstar ID and password.  Quizzes are written by Mr. English.  After students have taken a quiz, I am able to view individual results as well as whole class results.  The students enjoy taking online quizzes and it is wonderful to get immediate results for students.  Students may retake any open quiz at home after we have completed it in class.  

Please have your child show you how Quizstar works.