Report Info

Report Notes and Information

1.  Use proper heading - follow format shown below:

Robert Kraft                                                          November 14, 2012

Homeroom Teacher's Name                                    Science

                                   Cheetah Report

2.  Margins on paper should be standard (usually 1 inch on top and bottom and 1 1/2 inch on both sides).

3.  Report should be double spaced.  You may use 1 1/2 spacing if that will keep your report on two pages.

4.  Report should be about 1 1/2 - 2 pages long.  Report should not exceed 2 1/2 pages.

5.  Font should be Times or Times New Roman.  Size should be 12 font.

6.  Report should not include any color, pictures, clip art, or internet sites or photos.

7.  Report does not need any cover sheet, folder or binder.  Just a simple staple in the upper left corner will do.

8.  Opening paragraph shoud be short with 2-4 sentences.  Follow example below and shown in class.  In opening paragraph you may explain why you picked your animal.

9.  Closing paragraph shoud be short with 3-4 sentences.  In closing paragraph include a special fact you learned about your animal and what you learned from this project.

10.  Body of report should be 4 - 6 paragraphs.  Each paragraph in the body of the report should include a topic sentence and a closing sentence.  Keep each paragraph on topic.  Pick a major heading from your Inspiration draft that you have enough information about to write a full paragraph.  Some good paragraph topics may include:

food and diet                          birth and babies

habitat information                 hunting and survival adaptations

11.  You may use "I" sentences in this report.  Some examples are:

I was surprised to learn....               It was interesting to learn........

I did not know that......                   I found out that..........

I learned that.........                       I found it interesting that....

12.  Remember that you cannot copy sentences from the book so you must change some words to make it your own.  Using "I" sentences (see #11) will help make the report and information your own.

13.  Bibliography should be included at the end of your report.  Follow bibiography examples shown in class.  See models on my websites.  See me at recess if you need assistance.

14.  Report should include a total of 500 - 600 words.  550 words fit easily on 1 1/2 pages.  Go to "Tools" and "Word Count" to check your total words.

15.  Draft must be handwritten (see me for exceptions) and must have visible editing (no exceptions).  Editing must be visible - cross out mistakes and rewrite, put arrows to show where new information goes, etc.  Sit with a parent to edit.  Parents/grandparents/guardians/siblings should sign after editing.

16.  Drafts turned in on time will be returned within two school days.

17.  Students, you should try your best to type in your report yourself!  You may need help in setting it up, in editing, and in completing the bibliography but you should do the typing yourself.

18.  Remember to run a spelling and grammar check before printing your report.

19.  Do not wait until the last night to write your draft or to type your final report.  Manage your time well and you will accomplish more!

20.  Have fun!


Basic Rubric for Draft of Report (30 points)

5 points       Completed and turned in on time

5 points       Handwritten in own words (about 550 words)

5 points       Includes both opening and closing paragraphs

5 points       Includes 4-6 paragraphs in body of report

5 points       Bibliography attempted at end of report

5 points       Visible editing by family/peer/other (with signature)


Sample Paragraphs (Opening, Body, Closing) for Written Report

       Cheetahs are fascinating animals.  They have special adaptations to make them successful hunters, they face many dangers throughout their life, and they share some similarities with humans and our pets, but also have some special differences.  I was fascinated with all the information, special facts, and unique capabilities of this sleek, spotted animal.  (sample opening paragraph) (3 sentences)

       Cheetahs have special adaptations to make them successful hunters.  Having a large heart and large lungs helps the cheetah to pump enough blood and to get enough oxygen while chasing prey.  Having a long body with long powerful legs allows the cheetah to run fast although it can only reach its top speed for a short time and distance.  Sharp claws are another special adaptation of cheetahs.  I found it interesting that the claws act like track shoes to grip the ground and allow the cheetah to turn quickly when chasing prey.  The claws are also used by the cheetah to knock down and grab prey.  The cheetah's color acts as camouflage.  Slowly stalking its prey, the cheetah is difficult to see in the grass because of its spotted coat.  The cheetah's adaptations make them fast, strong, and able to hide when needed.  (sample body of report paragraph) (opening sentence, 7 detail sentences, and a closing sentence)

       I am glad I chose to research cheetahs for this report.  I have always been interested in finding out about cheetahs and this project allowed me to learn facts, make camparisons to tother animals and humans, and to understand the unique capabilities of this wonderful animal.  One of the most surprising facts I learned was that cheetahs are only pregnant for about three months which is much shorter than the nine months of a normal human pregnancy.  I also learned several new words, such as ungulates and reserves.  I was happy to learn that cheetahs are being protected and saved by worldwide animal organizations.  (sample closing paragraph) (5 sentences)