Science News for Kids - Extra Credit!

The following site includes many excellent Science articles on topics of interest to upper elementary students.

See Fall Science Ideas page for Bonus for submitting responses to articles from Science News for Kids.


Students can read an article and submit a summary for extra credit points.

Summaries for the current Grading Period will be accepted until seven days before term ends (may be adjusted per teacher discretion).

Summary must be handwritten.  Summary should be 3 paragraphs in length.  Students should include why they chose the article, what they found interesting, and how the article connects to what we have learned in Science or how the article connects to current events.  Student should include any Power Words from the article.  Student should include the title of the article and the author.     

You do not need to print the article (save the paper!)

A submitted summary will earn either 0.5% or 1.0% (added to the student's final grade for the term).

Students will be able to earn an added 3% for their grade. 

Example:  gradebook average of 84% with 3% added for Extra Credit would result in 87%:  Student would raise from a B to an B+.

Students may be asked to read summary or discuss summary in class.

Extra Credit is new concept for grade 5 science.  Therefore, the requirements on this page can and will be updated as required.

Students, please see me if you have any questions.