Summer Science Ideas

How will you spend your Summer?

Will you do anything scientific?

Summer 2016 Special Assignment can be found at bottom of this page.

Below are some low cost ideas:

go to Minot Beach and observe the differences/changes in the rock formations

create a science slideshow using power point, animoto, or neok12 (obtain parents permission to create any login and password)

observe and record wildlife in your own backyard or neighborhood (I have woodpeckers, squirrels, foxes, and deer to name a few)

take photos of local wildlife and create a slideshow or a collage

hike out to the Spit to observe nature

go to a local beach and observe the tides, a tide pool, or the differences between winter and spring/summer at the beach

check out a science experiment book from the library and conduct a few experiments

begin a collection of rocks, cloud photos, seashells, or any science collection

build something (a birdhouse, a bathouse, treehouse, etc.) with your parent's help and permission

take a hike to the top of Turkey Hill in Cohasset to view the Boston skyline and observe the change in elevation

sleep out in your backyard and observe the stars (get a constellation book from the library)

go to the Scituate Library and check out books on birds

plant some indoor seeds and tend to the growing plants

plant a backyard garden and grow and eat your own vegetables

cook or bake food (with your parent's help and permission) observe the changes in states

visit Holly Hill Farm (farm store with local produce, free to walk around)

visit the Museum of Science in Boston

hike or bike around Wampatuck State Park

hike around Norris Reservation in Norwell, view North River from boathouse  (can you find the Turtle habitat?)

visit the South Shore Natural Science Center in Norwell

go on a nature hike around Jacob's Pond in Norwell

Come up with your own science choice - I will add your idea to this list, just let me know what you will do or have done!!


June - July - August Special Assignment:

NEW NEW  NEW  NEW Special Assignment: 

Let your friends know so they can do this too! 

Try something new this summer!

Borrow and try a kayak.  Rent or borrow a canoe at a local lake.

Sign up for a class such as acting or dancing.

Try building a birdhouse or a bathouse with your family.

Try a new sport or new activity.

Last summer, I kayaked around the Hingham Harbor Islands!  Great day on the water!

Two summers ago, I tried paddleboarding!  Very Cool!

Actually Mr. O brought his paddleboard to Scituate!

Not sure what I will try this summer, but ask me about it in September.