The English Corner

Welcome to our online database. 

         My goal is to show the student that the concepts covered in our class aren't trivial, decaying facts wrenched from the margins of dusty books.  These concepts, are actually alive and breathing.  The knowledge behind language/literature dormantly waits for a host, waits for someone to discover it use it.  The knowledge waits to be used to make connections to our modern world, to unmask the complexities of our own lives, and to illuminate our feelings.  All literature is a compilation of feelings and ideas that have been transformed into symbols on paper.  I believe that together we can understand those symbols and witness the beauties of the English language.

At this current point in the year we are studying a variety of works/topics in our different classes.  For you, the student, notes for those classes, including supplemental (extra) materials are available for your viewing.  Never hesitate to let me know if you need additional help.  The date for our first Extra-English Lesson will be set soon.

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