Student Zone

Student Zone:
A look at what's happening in our classroom
1. All Things Homework 

Homework Policies:

 All homework has a purpose, which means that all homework is expected to be completed to the best of your ability. Plan on having homework 3-4 nights a week.

·      For every day an assignment is turned in late, 10% will be deducted.

·      After 3 days, the assignment will no longer be counted for credit.

·      Student will have the number of days absent x2 until absent work will be counted late.


90-100%           A

80-89%              B

70-79%               C

60-69%               D

59%and below  F

Point Values 

Tests or Test Replacements:  75pts.

Quizzes: 25 points

Pop Quizzes: 10 points

Homework: Varied (5-30 points)

Research Paper: 200 points

Essays: 50 points

 Journals: 5-10 points  

Speech: 150 points


*There may be added assignments not on this list, such as group work or in class opportunities.  

***Newest Assignment Information***

Edgar Allan Poe Unit Assessment/Test Replacement  

You have read several of Poe’s poems, and one of his most famous short stories. All of these works have had a similar mood or theme. Now, you must identify what this mood might be and construct a poem or short story reflecting this mood. Think about some of our discussions in class as you begin to brainstorm.

You may select any topic that you want, but remember that this topic does affect the mood of a poem or story. For example, if I were to write about my wedding day, I would probably have a joyous or celebratory mood. However, if I was enlisted for an arranged marriage the mood might change to solemn or gloomy.

If you choose to write a poem, it must be at least 5 stanzas long with a minimum of 6 lines to each stanza. Extra credit may be awarded if you also copy Poe’s rhythm and style.

If you choose to write a short story, it must be a minimum of 3 pages (double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman). Extra credit may be awarded if you copy Poe’s style.

*See pg 217 in your text (The Author’s Style) for examples of Poe’s style.

This Assignment is worth 75 Points!


This is the group work that you will be working on in May. I do not want you to worry about it now, but if you get the chance, you can take a look at it now. Click HERE to access assignment. 


2. All Things Behavior and Learning 

Behavior Expectations:

1.   You will not talk when another student or your teacher is talking.

2.   You will not irritate another student by touching, signaling to, or poking fun at.

3.   You will not talk back to your teacher.

4.   You will not walk around the classroom or leave your seat unless instructed to do so.

5.   You will not use any electronic devices unless instructed to do so.

Learning Expectations:

1.   You will pay attention during class.

2.   You will be willing to participate in interactive class activities.

3.   You will put forth your best effort on all assignments.

4.   You will ask for help if you need it.

5.   You will turn in all of your assignments and complete all of the reading.

Daily Consequences:

 1st offense: A warning or detention, depending on offense

2nd offense: A detention and call or letter home

 3rd offense: In school suspension



If you respect your classmates, your teacher, and yourself, then you will succeed. 


 3. Calendar of Events and Homework 

 Calendar Print Preview