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About Me  

I am Jenell Giannini, an Illinois native, who loves to teach language and literature. When I am not working, whether that be in the classroom or at home, I can be found reading for fun, (yes, I have read the Twilight saga and the Harry Potter series) sharpening my dance skills at a local studio, or playing with my beagle, Kiwi. I  enjoy traveling, and learning about different cultures, so most of my summers are partially  spent abroad. I love what I do and I love improving on what I do,  so please feel free to set up a meeting with me at any time, both students and parents alike. 
Contact Me
 Jenell Giannini 
Wildcat High
English Department
Rm 106
Phone: 122-333-4445 ex. 6767
Available: 3pm-5pm T/Th  
Home number: 122-212-2121
Facebook me: Jenell Giannini 
My Credentials 
I am an Indiana Wesleyan University Graduate
I graduated with a BS in English Education 
Before teaching, I worked at an English tutor at Sullivan Learning Center 
I have been teaching at Wildcat High for three years now 
My Teaching Philosophy  
My mission is to encourage students to impact the people of the world by the use of their passions. Social reconstruction and progressive teaching philosophies best match my beliefs as an educator. By applying the social reconstruction philosophy, I will aim to equip my students to impact the world through group projects and problem solving exercises. Further, as a progressive teacher, I will be able to probe and challenge my students as they seek after their passions and areas of interest. I desire to inspire my students as a progressive and social reconstructive teacher—hopefully the lessons I am privileged to teach will go far beyond our tenth grade English classroom.