High Frequency Words

The words on this page are words that are the most common words found in reading books.

High Frequency Words Review: cool

The words below are from kindergarten. Your child should know all of these words.

a, and, are, can, do, for, go, has, have, he, here, I, is, like, little, look, me, my, play, said, see, she, the, this, to, was, we, what, where, with, you

Unit 1: Week 1:

jump, not, up, am, man, an, as, at, ran

Unit 1: Week 2:

over, it, too, had, back

Unit 1:Week 3:

be, ride, run, its, him, big, his, sit, six, did, if, in, will, pick

Unit 1: Week 4:

come, back, good, pull, down, black

Unit 1: Week 5:

help, now, use, very, ask, fast, sing

Unit 2: Week 1:

her, our, they, two

Unit 2: Week 2:

eat, no, of, some, who