The ABCs

       The of Mrs. Enslin's Classroom   

Absences: Regular school attendance is critical to the learning process. When your child is absent, he or she misses valuable instructional time. Please be sure any make-up work gets completed in a timely manner.

Assignments: All class work and homework must be completed in pencil.  All work must be neat and easy to read. Sloppy work may be handed back to the student to redo. Students will be graded on the quality and completion of their work.

Birthdays: Birthdays will be celebrated on the last Friday of each month. Look out for a note during your child's birthday month asking if you'd like to contribute a snack for the celebration.

Box Tops: Help us earn money for our classroom supplies by collecting Box Tops. Send them to school in an envelope or zip-lob bag marked with your child's name.

Communication: Communication is an essential ingredient in our success together. Please feel free to send in a note, send an email to or give me a call at 322-6200.

Conferences: Conferences are an important part of teacher-parent communication. I like to meet with all parents early in the year to get to know my students' families and review this year's expectations.  I may also request a conference with you at other times of the year should I have concerns about your child. Please expect at least one parent-teacher conference.

Discipline: Establishing good classroom discipline is important for each child’s success, confidence, and safety. Every child should feel safe and secure in the classroom environment. In addition, it is important that each child develops self-discipline and good work habits and learns how to resolve conflicts peacefully. In order for all children in our class to learn, they need rules and guidelines to follow. Please support our classroom rules by following up at home with any discipline issues.

Early Release: Most Wednesdays are early release days. Students will be dismissed one hour early, at 1:05.

FCAT: Students are given the FCAT for the first time in third grade. Any third grader that scores substantially below grade level on the third grade FCAT reading exam will be retained. Should the child score substantially below the following year, he/she may be retained again. This would put a child in the third grade for three years. Practice is critical – READ WITH YOUR CHILD AT HOME.

Fluency: Second graders are expected to read at least 90 words correctly in one minute at the end of the school year. Third graders should be reading at least 120 correct words per minute. 

Homework Passes: Students who achieve 100% on any math or reading test will earn a "Free Homework Pass." This can be used to skip one page of the homework packet. 

I  Letter Grades: Spruce Creek uses the Volusia Proficiency Model for grading. This means that your child could receive an I letter grade on his report card if he has not met the minimum requirements for that 9-week period.  

Kindness: Students are encouraged and expected to treat all members of our class, as well as others, with kindness.

Lunch: Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their children. Please check in at the office first and get a visitor's badge.

Money: At times you may need to send money to school with your child. Please place money in the designated zipper pocket inside your child's homework folder to keep it secure. Lunch money should be turned in at the cafeteria before school starts.

Open House: Keep an eye on the school calendar for Open House. This is a fun night for students and their families and gives you a chance to see what your child has been doing in school.

Parent Portal: Parents can access their child's report card, attendance history, discipline records, and standardized testing results through the Parent Portal on the Volusia County Website. Contact the school office for instructions on how to access the portal.

Reading Counts: The Reading Counts program is an independent reading program. Students read books from a selected list and then take short computer quizzes to test comprehension. Students earn points based upon the length of the book and their performance on the quiz. As students reach certain point levels, they earn prizes for their hard work.

Signing out: There may be times when you may need to sign your child out early. This is done in the front office. Children may not leave the classroom before being signed out. This includes times you may be in the classroom for events. You will need to leave the classroom and sign your child out in the office. The office will then call for your child.

Snacks: Students will be allowed a snack break each morning after special area. Your child is welcome to bring his own non-messy snack or something to share with the class (Goldfish, pretzels, graham crackers, etc.).

Sunshine Math: Sunshine Math is an optional math enrichment program for all children in grades K-5. Each week your child will bring home a Sunshine Math sheet to complete on his own, using his own thinking. Sunshine Math does not count as a grade and students earn incentives for participating.

Tardiness: Please be sure your child is on time for school. We start lessons on time and do not want your child to miss important information. If your child arrives after the 8:00 bell, he/she must go to the office for a late pass.

Toys: Toys are not allowed on campus. Any toys taken from your child will need to be picked up by a parent.

Visitors: If you are visiting the classroom or eating lunch with your child, please sign in at the office. Adults are not permitted on campus without a visitor's badge. This is for the safety of the children.

Volunteers: Extra hands in the classroom are always welcome. If you'd like to help out, please see me for a volunteer form.

Weekly progress report: Every Friday you will receive a weekly progress report letting you know how your child did on classwork, homework, and behavior. Please sign it and return on Monday.

You: You are your child’s first teacher and you play an extremely important role in your child’s education.

Zzzzzzzz’s: Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest. It will help keep your child alert and ready to learn.