OSCARS Club  

Outstanding, Studious, Clever, And Remarkable Students


A club for students who want to go above and beyond!



                              How to become a member of the club:

 Choose a topic from the Challenge List to learn about. You might want to head off to the library or use one of the links I've provided.

 Find the answers, write them down neatly, and study them. 

 When you think you're ready, bring your answers to school and drop them into the OSCARS Club box. (Make sure your name and the challenge # is on your paper).

 Answer a few questions from me about your topic.

 If you get the answers right, you'll earn a star. You can become a 1-star member all the way up to a 30-star member!

 Once you have earned 5 stars you will be entered into the OSCARS Club Hall of Fame! Earn recognition, fame, & prizes!


Attention Kids!
Remember to get your parents' permission before exploring these sites!

Web links change often. Please email Mrs. Enslin if you find one that doesn't work properly.


Science Challenge Topics Websites to help you find your answers:
1. Tell what a mammal is and give 3 examples. All About Mammals
2. Name the planets of our solar system. Kids Astronomy
3. Name the 3 types of rock. Rocks for Kids        Rock Types        Rocks Video
4. Name the 5 food groups and 1 food for each. USDA Food Groups
5. Name and describe 3 types of clouds. Clouds for Kids       Cloud Types
6. Describe the water cycle in words or pictures. Kidzone Water Cycle           Interactice Water Cycle


Social Studies Challenge Topics Websites to help you find your answers:
7.   Name the first 10 presidents in order. U.S. Presidents
8.   Name the 13 colonies. 13 Colonies Interactive Map      Printable Map
9.   Name the 7 continents and 5 oceans. Interactive Globe
10. Name 3 explorers and what they discovered. Cyber Sleuth Kids World Explorers
11. Name the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Mr. Donns 7 Wonders      National Geographic
12. Tell about someone famous from history. Biographies for Kids        Bio4kids


Language Arts Challenge Topics Websites to help you find your answers:
13. Tell what an adjective is and give 10 examples. Parts of Speech           Adjectives Movie
14. Tell 5 idioms and what they really mean. Idiom Game
15. Memorize and recite a poem. Falling Star          Rain Poem         Lighthouse
16. Name 5 common nouns and 5 proper nouns. Noun Movie          Noun Game
17. Tell what a verb is and give 10 examples. Verbs Movie         Verbs Quiz
18. Use sign language to sign the alphabet. Sign Alphabet     Sign the Alphabet Game     Video


Math Challenge Topics Websites to help you find your answers:
19. Skip count by 3s up to 60. Skip Counting
20. Draw lines of symmetry on 3 different shapes. Lines of Symmetry Video
21. Show 3 different ways to make a dollar with coins. Counting Coins Game
22. Name 5 solid figures and tell how many vertices. Solid Figures     Interactive Lesson     Vertices
23. Round your family's ages to the nearest 10. Rounding Game      Video Lesson      Test Yourself
24. Measure 5 objects in your house using a ruler. Measuring Game    Measure It!


Miscellaneous Challenge Topics Websites to help you find your answers:
25. Name 5 ways kids can help save the Earth. Save the Earth
26. Name 5 instruments in a symphony orchestra. Sounds from the orchestra
27. Name the primary and secondary colors. Color wheel for kids
28. Name 5 football teams and their cities. NFL for Kids
29. Learn the Boy Scout Oath or Girl Scout Promise. Boy Scouts               Girls Scouts
30. Count to 10 in another language. French Numbers                Spanish Numbers


A special thank you to Mrs. Renz from Redmond, OR for this fabulous idea. Click here to see Mrs. Renz's mastery club.