Online tools to make your life easier and stress-free

Do you have trouble with internet speeds? Do you think you are having a slower connection than the promised download limits?  Though it is the time to change your broadband provider, you have to check your internet connection to ensure the speeds you are currently getting and compare them with your neighbor’s.


Getting the accurate speed details

There are many things that can block getting the most accurate speed test results. Before using any tools to Check Internet Speed Online, you have to work out to know your connection is doing well like your ISP says. To get the most accurate results of your connection’s speed and reliability, check and ensure that apps that use necessary bandwidth are not running. You are advised to avoid those apps that are knocking frequently to the internet checking for changes, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


There are many tools for Internet Speed Test and you need to pick the best and most reliable tool for accurate results. Speed test performed by a reliable and most recognized tool will get you most ex


act results and then you can decide whether to change your broadband supplier or to take your laptop for service.



Tools for Online List Comparison

Comparison is an essential activity that most customers do on the web. It is a necessary task that most users will do before doing a desired action, like buying products, signing up for membership or requesting a quote. Comparison includes giving consistent data for all comparable things or services, but that kind of data is provided across detail pages, which increases interaction cost and cognitive load. Customers need to remember information, take notes and flip between tabs and open different browser windows.


This is where comparison tools come at your rescue. They are designed to comparing two lists using columns for products or services, and rows for the attributes. With the right and accurate comparison tool, you can perform easy and quick comparison between different products’ features and attributes. However, comparison tools are generally considered as tools for ecommerce only. Though comparison tools are often used for mid-range to expensive consumer products, such as electronics, these tools are well suited to services, pricing packages, memberships, software features and many more.


EMI calculator

Housing loan EMI calculation has been made easier with online tools that help you determine your monthly home loan installments easier. You will get most accurate results if you give basic information about your home loan, such as loan amount, interest and term of the loan. These tools allow you to adjust input values in the calculator many times till you get an EMI that meets your budget.


You need to choose an EMI calculator that is easy to use and can be used anytime at free of cost to check the monthly installments to be paid towards your home loan repayment. A reliable and reputed loan calculator also works as a home loan interest calculator as it lets you know the interest amount due on your housing loans. You can get charts that show payment schedule and the break-up of the total amount to be paid.