Extra Credit

Extra Extra

    If you would like to earn extra credit, you may complete an essay on one of the following topics.  To be considered for extra credit, essays should be detailed, completely answer the topic, and have all errors corrected.  They may be typed or handwritten.  There is no required length.  However, your essay will reflect the amount of work you put into it and will be judged accordingly.  Essays must be submitted no less than one week before the end of the grading period.

1)Should our school begin requiring students to wear a uniform?  Why or why not?  Persuade me to agree with you.

2)Should animals be used for scientific research?  Does it make a difference if it is research for cosmetics or diseases?  Why or why not?  Persuade me to agree with you.

3)Forests are the lungs of the earth.  Should their destruction be prohibited?  How can they be protected?  Form a plan and then persuade me to support it.

4)Describe a utopia( a perfect world).  What would it be like?  Who would be there?  Persuade me that it’s a place I might like to be as well.

5)Education is for your benefit and future.  What are the qualities that make a good student?  What can you do to become a better student?  Why is it important that you bring your best to school every day?