Management Plan and Classroom Information

As 6th graders, students need to begin taking responsibility for their actions.  Because of this, I have only three simple rules.  These are easy to follow and remember, allowing students to monitor themselves for good behavior.  
#1-Do NOT interrupt a teacher or a classmate when they are speaking to the class.
#2-Be NICE!  No rude comments, no "Shut-up!", keep your hands to your self, and no taking others' things.
#3-ALWAYS participate and be on task.

    Please see the management plan below for more details on rules and consequences.


LMS Student Dress Code English

LMS Student Dress Code Spanish


Please see the syllabus below for information on:
  • Materials needed
  • A schedule of topics to be covered
  • Grading weights and scale
  • Information on late and make-up work
  • Redoing assignments/Retaking tests
  • Progress Reports