Ms. Ray's Weekly Wrap-Up!

Ms. Ray's Weekly Wrap-Up:

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Don't forget to look at our school website for a complete list of SRC tests as well as wonderful practice!

This Week!


Don't forget to join Class Dojo!  2 weeks until we begin testing!


HOW TO TELL TIME … Please practice at home. You can practice with your child on elapsed time. “If we start a movie at 7:15 and it ends at 8:45, how long was the movie?”  Also begin practicing the times table chart. This type of practice will benefit your child on the SBAC test.

Homework…. This week they will have Spelling homework (in cursive). They will also have Math and reading every day. A letter written to me will be due on Friday. See the homework page or links page if you need to print any!


Multiplication facts: Sunshine Math is due April 29th!

Since we will not be able to use multiplication charts on the SBAC test, the kids need to know them by heart. Please have your child practice everyday. 

Next Week………


Remember to go to the above links to help with any homework problems.

 Please remember, All multiplication facts should have been memorized by January! Begin now, don't delay!

  • Please send your child with a water bottle or cup (labeled) to make getting a drink faster on these hot days. Thanks

Coats-Please label all coats and sweaters with your child's name!

I encourage all students to bring a sweater to keep at school so they can wear it if they get cold. The air conditioner gets a bit chilly at times.

STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! Your child will begin writing unknown math facts 10 times each for homework. Memorization of math facts is one of the most important building blocks of math!

Please feel free to email me directly!

Math: You can print the homework pages or assignment. I have also provided math extra credit on the website. To access this go to: Think Central login I taped their login directly to their homework folder.

        username: is your student's ID#

password: school