Rules and Procedures

1.  Be prepared for class
2.  Be respectful to everyone and everything
3.  Follow teacher requests immediately
4.  Talk only when permitted
5.  Remain in assigned seat unless given permission to get up

1.  Enter the room quietly and be in your seat before the tardy bell rings
2.  Turn completed assignments in to the in-box when you enter the room at the beginning of class
3.  Immediately check the board and begin Bellwork
4.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to pick up your missed work from the make-up work box and copy any notes you may have missed.
5.  I recommend you complete assignments in pencil.  Sloppy, unorganized work will not be accepted.
6.  Always show all work on math problems.  The process is more important than the product in math.  Consequently, you will receive credit for effort.
7.  If you need to go to the restroom...  

           -Please wait for an appropriate time during class. 

                   -For example, do not ask during class discussion time.

           -Quietly ask for permission, get a pass, and sign out.  Sign back in when you return.

           -Only one student out of the classroom at a time

           -Passes out of the room are a privilege... so don't abuse it.

8.  Water bottles are acceptable, but food is not allowed.  Do not expect to be allowed to get a pass to get water.

9.  When bell rings at the end of class, please sit quietly and wait for the teacher to dismiss.