Teacher Bio

Hello, I am Mr. Andrew and I am pleased to be your 7th grade Math teacher.  I graduated from Armstrong Atlantic State University in 2005.  I have been in the classroom for over 30 years either as a teacher, teacher's aide, substitute, or student.  I am certified in Middle Grades Math, Middle Grades Science, Physical Education K-12, and Business Education K-12.  I believe the pursuit of knowledge should consume an entire lifetime.  Therefore, I continuously take classes and training to try to make myself the best teacher I can be for my students.  As a teacher, my time devoted to my classes is not limited to the classroom. 

However, when I do have time to be someone other than "Mr. Andrew the math teacher," I cherish the time I have with my family.  I also enjoy umpiring as it has allowed me to stay on the baseball field despite no longer playing.  I have been fortunate to have umpired at virtually every level in baseball possible.   I have called Major League, college, high school, and youth baseball.  While I do enjoy umpiring, I realize it is just a hobby and teaching is my love and number one priority.  With that in mind, I hope my students love my class and realize we are working together because their education is our number one priority!   


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