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Exciting things are happening this month at Poly School! We will be continuing our international studies by going on a great field trip to The International Village. We will also have an amazing guest speaker all the way from Japan! Please give him a fantastic Poly School welcome.

Dolphin Class News  

Congratulations to Yoon Kim, Steven Wieser, Julie Franks, and Latoya Devin for their awards earned in last month’s science fair. You all did an amazing job!


We will be concluding our international studies this month by having our international presentations on May 16th-19th. Please be prepared for the presentations and submit all work by May 14th. We will be following up the presentations on May 19th with an international banquet. Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson have been organizing this event. If anyone would be interested in volunteering or contributing international dishes, please contact them through email at: or Any help would be appreciated.

Help Wanted
  1. Chaperones for our field trip to The International Village on May 4th. Come enjoy the day visiting different countries from around the world!
  2. Decorators and helpers for our international banquet on May 19th.  We still need some volunteers for this wonderful event. International food donations will also be appreciated.

Contact the addresses below for further information.

Mrs. Varnes:

Mrs. Johnson:

WOW!!!!! Amazing Work!
This is where I would post student work.
WOW!!!!! Amazing Work!
This is where I would post student work.

Important Dates This Month

May 4th –Our field trip to The International Village

May 7th –A special guest visitor from Japan will visit our school

May 10th-14th-FCAT week

May 16th-19th-International Presentations and Banquet

clipart picture of two happy, playful dolphins

Important Dates Coming Up Soon

June 4th-Writing Super Star award ceremony

June 15th-Health Fair


  Happy Birthday!!!!

We want to send birthday wishes this month to:

Sally Greigor – May 3rd

Stephanie Realt – May 17th

Paul Stevens – May 18th

Tyler and Jenny Daniels – May 20th

Tiesha Russel – May 21st

You Can Help at Home

All of the Dolphin Class students have been doing an amazing job working on their international projects. We have guided them on how to organize and begin to develop these projects. This month, the students will be bringing their plans and what they have accomplished so far home to be completed. We ask you to please continue to guide, assist, and encourage your child/children to do their best work! Your child/children may also need assistance bringing their projects back to school. Please remember all work and projects will be due by May 14th. If you have any trouble assisting your child with creating the project or transporting the project, please let us know. We have volunteers that will be able to help your child, or help transport projects to the school. You can reach me at:

WOW!!!!! Amazing Work!
This is where I would post student work.

Please feel free to conact me any time: