I hope the following details about homework will answer any questions you and your child may have about homework.  Homework is either complete (100%) or incomplete (0%) and counts as 30% of your child's average grade.  Research says that the more children read and write, the better they become at reading and writing.  Research also states that when children are given CHOICE in books and writing topics, there will be an increase in progress and enjoyment.  These are the basis of my homework assignments.  Please do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions.


  • Students will self-select a book from the library or book store.
  • This book will be read each night for at least 20 minutes.
  • Students will fill in a Reading Log; please initial (your initials confirm your awareness of book selection and supervision of homework completion).  Reading logs will be collected on Mondays for the previous week.
  • Students should be able to complete 2 books/marking period (this may be changed based on book length).
  • Upon completion of book, students will complete a One-Pager.  This is a book report form that I supply to the students.

Writer's Notebook - 3 entries/week

  • Each entry must be at least 1 full page in length.
  • Students select topics for 2 entries.
  • 3rd entry will be a short summary and response to Reader's Workshop book.


  • Students will create a piece of wallpaper called Word Power.  See ********************** for the format that students should follow.
  • These will be graded based on the guidelines.