About Me

HEre is a bit of information about me!laugh

Hello, my name is Erin Nicholson and I am currently a 3rd-grade teacher at Murphy Elementary School!

I originally grew up in the bluegrass hills of Kentucky but moved to North Carolina with my husband about 15 years ago. I have two beautiful children, one boy, and one girl. Together we raise chickens and enjoy beekeeping as a hobby! When I am not teaching, my family and I enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and biking.  Teaching has become one of my many hobbies and a passion. 

My Professional Qualifications! 

I graduated with my Associate of transfer of Arts from Tri-county Community College in Murphy North Carolina. 

I then went on to attend Grand Canyon University College of Education. While at GCU, I earned my Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education. During my time in school, I received a great deal of experience working in Elementary Education classrooms as a substitute teacher. 

My Teaching Philosophy!


My Philosophy is that educators have a responsibility to act professionally when interacting with students, parents, college and administrators. It is my personal belief that teachers have a responsibility as educators to show students the proper way to conduct themselves. Students should be able to trust that I will always conduct myself to a high standard. I believe that I have a tremendous responsibility to help students pursue knowledge and reach their full potential. It is my belief that I can help students grow academically by accommodating and considering differences. As an educator, I believe it is my duty to help ALL students find worth and value in my classroom. I believe that each student has been given a unique gift and I have made it my mission to help students find and use their God-given gifts! It is also my goal to provide students with a structured learning enviroment that organized, safe and available for growth! Expectations and procedures have been established not to discourage but rather to encourage learning and active participlation in my classroom.