Welcome to Mrs. Nicholsons Classroom!

What we are learning! 

Students will be learning a variety of subjects. 

  • MAth
  • reading
  • spelling
  • science
  • social studies
  • language arts
  • conduct 
  • Computer etiquette

Students will also be learning social and collaboration skills that will help them to work well in groups with peers!blush

Students will be learning through visual aids in the classroom and hands-on activities that will allow students to be actively engaged in my classroom!smiley


Classroom Behavior Expectations for students! 

There are 4 rules students must follow in my class! These rules are designed to help students maintain positive social interactions with peers, stay focused academically and feel safe and secure in the classroom. 

The 4 rules are :

  1. Treat others Kindly 
  2. Keep hands and feet to oneself
  3. Follow directions
  4. Work Quietlyenlightened

Classroom Rules will be posted in the classroom for students to visually see. Parents and students will also have an opportunity to review rules and on a printed page in the front of each students planner.


Consequences for rule violation! 

There are consequences for breaking the rules in my classroom! sad

These consequences will be carried out according to the offense. 

  1. On the first offense, the student's name will be written on the board as a reminder.
  2. On the second offense, students will be pulled aside to speak privately with me at my desk.
  3. On the third offense, students will lose 10 minutes of recess! crying
  4. On the fourth offense, I will call or send a note home to parents, notifying them of student behavior. 
  5. On the fifth offense, students will be sent to the office to speak with the principal about the misbehavior.crying

On the Bright Side, enlightenedThere are Rewards! 

Students have the opportunity to earn rewards in my classroom for following rules and displaying desired behavior. 

Students can earn rewards through a token reward system. In the classroom, visually displayed, students, will be able to see the class token reward chart poster. This poster will have every students name on displayed and space for token tallies to be added. Every time, I observe students working quietly, following instructions, being kind to others, and keeping hands to themselves they have an opportunity to earn a token tally. laugh  Students can also earn tokens for turning homework in on time and completed and arriving to class on time. Collect as many tokens as you can because they can be cashed in for rewards! At the end of each week, I will allow students to cash in tokens for tangible prizes such as stickers, candy treats, pencils, and stamps! The more tokens a student has the bigger the prize! Larger prizes consist of extra free time, computer time and class helper status. yes

Mrs. Nicholson's Class Procedures! 

On the very first day of class, we will be establishing 5 vital procedures for how we will carry out specific activities in the classroom. These procedures will be established to help bring structure to the classroom and create important routines that I believe will help us grow academically. These procedures are : 

Procedure for entering the classroom

  • When students enter the classroom, I will be there to greet them each morning. Students are expected to enter quietly and immediately hangup belongings in personal cubbies. Students will get out materials and put away items in appropriate bins. Students will have a morning activity/ worksheet that will help them to begin the day. 

Procedure for signaling teacher for attention

Students will have specific hand signals that will need to be used to communicate with the teacher during work time. Hand signals will be posted in the classroom for reference. Students should use these while sitting quietly in their seat. Students will use the hand signal that matches the need and I will respond. This system is designed to minimize distractions and increase work time. 

Procedure for lining up

Students will quietly stand up and push in chairs. Students will be given a card with an assigned number. This is how students know where they will line up, according to the number. Students are expected to keep hands to themselves. They should face forward and single file. They are to be respectful of the space of others. 

Procedure for free-time instruction

Free time is for students who have finished work early. Free time must be carried out quietly and with respect for those who are still working on assignments. Students may carry out free time in the reading center and read. Students may also use e-readers for those who would rather listen to books. 

Procedures for Digital Citizenship during computer use.

Students will be expected to enter the computer lab and sit quietly. Proper digital etiquette and instructions will be given before students may log on the computer. Students should log on the computer using only their personal login information.  Login information should be kept private and students should only use assigned computers. Students should only visit appropriate sites and for educational purposes only. Students must use respectful and positive language when communicating online. Students should ask for help when needed and report inappropriate behavior. Students should not install any applications without permission. Students should cite all sources and obey copyright laws.


Each classroom procedure will be listed in steps that need to be routinely carried out each day in the classroom. I will help teach these procedures to students by practicing these each day. Procedures will be taught on the very first day of class and carried out throughout the year. It is my intention that these procedures are carried out to help students feel safe, organized and are able to get the most out of their academic year! smiley  

Weekly Newslettersmail

Weekly newsletters will be sent home at the beginning of the week in the front of each students planner! These newsletters will alert parents and remind students of upcoming events, projects and activities that will take place in the classroom. The newsletter will also list weekly vocabulary terms and spelling words to practice at home with parents! wink 


On Monday of each week, students will be sent home a library book of their choice to be read at home. Each day, students will be expected to read up to 20 minutes a night, with a parent. On Monday, students will also be sent home a math worksheet to have completed and turned in by Friday! Since I understand that Math can be difficult, I am giving students the week to work on the math homework little at a time to help with the process!surprise Students will have a spelling and vocabulary test on each Friday of the week! Students will be expected to study spelling words and vocabulary terms at home with parents to prepare for the test. 


Students will be graded on a 7 point grading scale.

  • A= 93-100
  • B=85-92
  • c=77-84
  • d=69-76
  • F=68-and below

Parents will receive regular report cards at the end of each grading period. I will also send home regular progress reports that will show parents how students are progressing in certain subjects. These will be determined by satisfactory and not be progressing. These reports will need to be signed and returned to let me know that parents have received notification of student progress. 

Test and graded assignments will be sent home once grades have been recorded. This will also give parents additional opportunities to stay current with student progress!

Makeup work!

Don't worry, while you were absent, I was preparing your make up work for you!wink

Students will have up to two days to complete any makeup work that needs to be completed and turned in! Depending on the number of days missed, students might be allowed extra time with parent consent. 

School Policies!

School-wide policies will be posted in the front of each students planner. I encourage parents and students to review these on the first day of school and throughout the year as needed. Understanding these expectations will make for a successful school year!

Keeping in touch!

Parents, feel free to access my contact information when needed! I will do my best to always keep you up to date and informed of your students progress. I will update you through notes in students planners, weekly newsletters and emails. I look forward to collaborating with YOu!laugh