Classroom Procedures

Classroom Management
We will always practice a code of respect and professionalism in our classroom. As members of the Blank High School community, we have the right to be treated with respect, and the responsibility to treat each other with respect. We have the right to expect the best, and the responsibility to give our best. We have the right to be treated fairly, and the responsibility to treat each other fairly. As students, you understand that a strong work ethic and discipline are important for a successful future. If we respect each other, we can enjoy each other's company and learn from each other. My goal is to help students to be able to understand, speak, read, and write Spanish in a fun and creative atmosphere. Students will stumble, stutter, make mistakes, and be shy about speaking aloud. This is all part of learning a foreign language, and is perfectly normal.
Classroom Expectations
Take responsibility for your actions. Come to class on time and prepared. You will be inside the classroom and in your assigned seats to be considered on time. You will come to class with your covered textbook, work book, paper, pens/pencils, and completed assignments. When class begins, you will be ready to copy the directions/homework assignments from the board and to take notes. Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to get up. Throw away trash at the end of the period on your way out of class.
  1. Attend to personal needs before coming to class. Passes will not be given to go to lockers, bathrooms, or other rooms. Do not ask for a pass unless it is a true emergency.
  2. Always be polite and respectful. There will be situations when raising your hand is necessary and others when quiet talking or group discussion is allowed without raising your hand. Talking when the teacher or another student is talking is disrespectful and unacceptable. Unkind teasing, inappropriate language, and impolite behavior are unacceptable. The property of others should also be respected. Since learning a foreign language builds on what you learned the day before, it is important to stay focused, and attend class regularly. We will learn some skills as a class, some independently, and others in groups. Hindering others from learning is not acceptable. By remaining on task we can all use our time efficiently.
  3. Follow the school policies as outlined in your student handbook. You have reviewed and become familiar with our school policies and are expected to abide by them.

In the event that you have difficulty remembering and abiding by the classroom expectations, be prepared for the following consequences:

  • 1st offense: I will remind you once and expect compliance.  I will also speak to you after class.
  • 2nd offense: Your parents will be contacted.
  • 3rd offense: Failure to comply with the classroom expectations will be considered as defiance, and you will be referred to the disciplinarian.