Homework Policy

  • Expect it everyday, even if you feel like complaining it won't change the fact that you will still get some. My suggestion is to try and have a good attitude about it. Just as you can't become good at sports without practice, you cannot become good at Spanish without it either. Homework is meant to practice new skills and incorporate old ones.
  • Assignments are due WHEN CLASS BEGINS, otherwise only 70% credit is earned.
  • It is your responsibility to find out the homework assignment following an absence. I will record the assignments in a small assignment book in the classroom. After an absence, you should check this book, collect worksheets from the folder marked with your class, then ask questions if confused. You can also check my website, but worksheets are unavailable at this time from this site. However, if any of the assignments come from your workbook that is a good place to access this information if you are absent.
  • After 2 uncompleted assignments, parents will be notifited.