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Teacher Education Quarterly

Focuses on major, current topics in the preparation, study, and training of education professionals.


Academic Leadership

Designed to promote discovery and examination of leadership issues for those working in higher education.


Education Next

Offers opinion and research regarding education and school reform. Published by the Hoover Institution at Stanford University .


How to Find Education Research Articles?

The education sector is one of the most reputable social institutions. That is why if you are working for this sector, you should always be updated on the new studies that will be ...



Written Feedback for students: too much, too detailed or too incomprehensible to be effective?

A three year research study entitled ‘Improving the effectiveness of Formative Assessment in Science Teaching’, involving Biosciences and Physical Sciences staff and students at two UK Universities, has been examining the potential for improving student learning by making changes to the way formative assessment and feedback are presented.



Teaching Strategies: Feedback on Student Writing

 These links describe ways to construct and react to assignments based on student written work, including creation of questions, strategies for grading, and ways to ...



Teaching Writing through Peer Feedback

This research was originally aimed to investigate the impact of peer feedback toward the students' narrative writing and the students' responses toward peer feedback occurred in the L2 writing classroom.



Feedback Techniques That Improve Student Writing

Yvonne is frustrated. She wants to do well in her language arts class, but each essay she completes fails to earn her the grade she believes she deserves. Although ...