Rules and Expectations

Requirements for students to succeed in Grade 5 and our classroom

Expectations (regarding academics and behavior):


Students must respect:

  • their classmates by raising their hand to speak.
  • our classroom by talking quietly when given permission, and using appropriate behavior
  • our school by walking quietly and in an orderly manner through our hallways.

Christian values and attitudes are expected at all times.

Morning Arrival

Students are expected to:

  • sit quietly in the cafeteria if they arrive before 7:40 AM. 
  • after 7:40AM, they must walk quietly to the 5th grade classroom.
  • unpack their bags, turn in mail, organize for their first class, and quietly work on morning work.
  • ask permission to use the restroom.

Be prepared for class

Students must take responsibility for:

  • organizing their 8 pocket folder, planner, books, and pencil bags before class begins.
  • completing and turning in all assignments on time.
  • missed assignments due to an absence.  Students are expected to turn them in without reminders.


Students are expected to:

  • talk quietly in line. 
  • take their lunch, say thank you, and sit at the next available seat. 
  • clean their area by wiping up small spills and throwing away trash.
  • wait to be dismissed.


  • Students must quietly walk through the halls on their way to recess.  (Other classes are in session).
  • On the playground students must ask for permission to retrieve a ball that’s gone over the fence.  Upon retrieval they must carry it back.  Three times over and the ball will be put away for that day.
  • Students are expected to line up when the whistle is blown. 
  • Before we enter the building, students are expected to tuck in shirts and stop talking.

Mass or Prayer Services

Students are expected to:

  • participate in Mass or prayer services by singing and responding.
  • remain reverent during Mass or prayer services.  (This means no conversation with neighbors).


Students are expected to:

  • have their assignments written in their planners (provided by school) and ready for the teacher to check.
  • pack their bags and sit in their chair
  • remain seated until they have been dismissed. Once they are dismissed, they are to put their chair up and walk quietly out of the room.
  • talk quietly while waiting.



Remedies and/or consequences of falling short of expectations:

If you’re unprepared for class, we cannot disrupt other classes so we’ll have to make do with what we have. Additionally, an incomplete homework slip will be issued for missing or incomplete work, graded or not.  Missing and incomplete work will result in poor effort grades.


Everyone will receive a warning if they are disrupting the class by talking or not being on task. Then, they will receive a verbal warning and will be asked to change their card to yellow.  After the 3rd warning, if the student continues to disrupt class, he or she will receive a demerit.


Any quiz or test grade of 75% or less MUST complete test/quiz corrections. Corrections are to be completed on loose-leaf and numbered according to the incorrect answer’s number. For every correction the student must put the correct answer (show work if needed), staple to the test/quiz and turned it in. Students who make corrections receive half credit for each correct answer. Point values will vary depending on point value of test or quiz.


A demerit will be issued for any disrespect for the classroom, cafeteria, playground, school rules, aggressive behavior, obnoxious behavior, etc.


If you’re late, do your best to be non-disruptive. Unpack your bag in the hallway and gather materials together that you need to turn in so that you can do it at the same time. This way when you walk in the room, you can turn things in and have a seat. Then, your teacher can get you caught up with everyone else.


If you’re absent, do your best to complete homework that has been picked up for you. When you return, turn in your work with the morning mail. If you need a little extra time to finish or get caught up, just let your teachers know. Communication is all that matters.