Our Classroom Website


The 2016-2017 school year is sure to bring many exciting adventures to Pinnacle Canyon Academy! 

This page outlines the Theater and Dance classes being offered this school year.  Please take a moment to review teacher information, course information, and some of the amazing opportunities being offered to Pinnacle students this year.

Theatre and Dance courses that are offered this school year include:

  • Creative Drama (K-5th Grade)
  • Drama I (6th Grade)
  • Dance Fundamentals (6th - 8th Grade)
  • Theatre Foundations I (9th-12th Grade)
  • Dance I-A (9th-12th Grade) 

Classroom Expectations

  • Be Productive
  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Present
  • Be Brave
  • Be Creative 

Studio Rules

  • No street shoes are allowed on the dance floor. Please remove your street shoes as soon as you enter the room.
  • Please do not touch any equipment (music, books, writing utensils, or the like) unless you are asked to.

  • Please do not touch the mirrors!

  • Food, Gum and beverages are not permitted.  Water is always encouraged but must be stored in a closed container. 
  • Please do not touch the windows.
  • Craft materials (e.g. glue, glitter, pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils, number two pencils) are not to be opened or handled unless directed by the teacher.  The Craft Tarp must be properly placed before craft material usage. 
  • Backpacks must be stored on the available hooks.
  • Shoes must be stored in the shoe bins. 
  • Please do not touch the curtains or anything on the walls. 
  • For safety reasons, there is no running or physical contact with another person unless an exercise or technique skill requires it.
  • Please do not touch acting blocks or props unless you are asked to do so. 
  • No hats!  This is class, not a fashion show. 
  • Please practice appropriate hygiene.  There will be copious amounts of sweating in this studio!
  • Foul language is not permitted! Please use words to express yourself that are more than one syllable, and don’t offend others. 
  • Bullying or making jokes at someone else’s expense are strictly forbidden. 
  • There are no excuses, “I can’t,” or “I don’t know” statements permitted. 
  • Everyone is required to work with an open heart and an open mind.