Unless students are absent, homework should be turned in as each student comes in each morning! I will grade and redistribute each day. Students are allowed TWO "OOPS" ! ( Forgot to do it, didn't have time to , etc. ) If homework is not being turned in consistently I will send an E-mail/ call home to let parents know and see what we can do to get the homework done! Homework is important for students to assume responsibility and also to practice basic skills in reading, writing and math. I do not give out homework regularly for Science and Social Studies, there may be an occasional assignment or project.


Spelling will be the same throughout the school year. Each unit of spelling will focus on our Social Studies/ Science curriculum. The Spelling Homework each night is as follows:

Monday- Correct spelling paragraph and rewrite.

Tuesday-Edit the spelling paragraph.

Wednesday-Answer questions about the paragraph in COMPLETE sentences!

Thursday-Write the spelling words 3 X's each in ABC order. 

Friday- I don't give out homework on Friday! 

* If students would like a headstart on the following weeks spelling homework, I will be more than happy to hand it out early to those who would like to get an early start! 


Reading : Students should be reading their own chapter book for at least 15 minutes each night. After reading each night they should fill in their ELA sheet. This sheet is also the same for each night of the week. 

 Monday- Give a summary of what you read in 3 complete sentences. 

Tuesday- Make a text to text, text to self, or text to world connection with what you have read. (At least 3 complete sentences). 

Wednesday-Predict what you think will happen next. ( At least 3 complete sentences. )

Thursday- What did you see, hear, smell or feel when reading? ( At least 3 complete sentences). 

Friday- I don't give out homework on Friday! 

* This can also be handed out early for those who may want to get a head start.


Because we rotate for math, math Homework will be different for each student in my class.  The homelinks should follow the math newsletter sent home in the beginning of each unit.