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IL=Interest Level, RL=Reading Level

 Airplane Adventure By Meister, Cari
Juan and Anna take a trip on an airplane to visit their grandma in Mexico. Includes discussion questions and writing prompts. IL:K-3 RL:2.2

Amulet. Book Four, The Last Council By Kibuishi, Kazu
Upon arriving in Cielis, Emily and her friends find the once busy streets deserted and the remaining townspeople living in fear, and after Emily is escorted to the Academy to compete for a spot on the Guardian Council, the most powerful Stonekeepers, an awful secret is gradually uncovered. IL: 3-6 RL:4

Amulet. Book One, The Stonekeeper By Kibuishi, Kazu
After moving to their ancestral home, Emily and Navin's mother is kidnapped by a tentacled creature in the basement that leads the children on a deadly chase into the magical world below their home. IL: 3-6 RL:2.9

Amulet. Book Three, The Cloud Searchers By Kibuishi, Kazu
Emily, Navin, and the resistance fighters search for a mythical city in the clouds, and try to figure out if the elf king's son is an ally or an enemy. IL: 3-6 RL:3.4

Amulet. Book two, The Stonekeeper's Curse By Kibuishi, Kazu
Emily and her brother, Navin, head for Kanalis in order to find the antidote for the poison that has sickened their mother. IL: 3-6 RL:2.9

Batter Up! By Maddox, Jake
Caleb, who has always used a wood bat, has to use an aluminum bat and struggles to hit the ball. IL: 3-6 RL:4 

Big City Sights By Yasuda, Anita
Ty cannot wait to spend a day in the city, but when nothing seems to go right, he fears his trip will be a bust. IL:K-3 RL:1.8  

The Blast Off Kid By Driscoll, Laura
For a chance to win a trip to Space Camp, James sets out to collect 10,000 Blast Off Energy Bar wrappers, grouping them as he goes to make counting easier, and soon the whole town is helping him out. IL:K-3 RL:2.8

BMX Challenge By Maddox, Jake
Jason never turns down a dare, but when his friends  challenge him to a BMX competition Jason must learn to ride a BMX bike or this dare will be his last.
IL:3-6 RL:3.5

Board Rebel By Maddox, Jake
When Tanner moves to an exclusive new town he misses his old skate park, but with the help of the town bully and another new friend, Tanner thinks he can figure out a way to get a skate park built in Woodville. IL:3-6 RL:3.3 

Bree's Bike Jump By Mortensen, Lori
Bree tries to think of a way to overcome her fears so she can negotiate the big, scary bike jump that looks like it is too steep. IL: K-3 RL: 1.9

Bubble Trouble By Gabriel, Nat
Grace can make soap bubbles, milk bubbles, and even burp air bubbles, but she cannot be a member of her big sister's bubble gum club until she acquires a certain skill. IL: K-3 RL 3

Bugged! By Knudsen, Michelle
Tired of being covered in itchy mosquito bites, Riley uses science to investigate why mosquitoes are more attracted to him than to his friends. IL:K-3 RL:2.9 

Buried in the Backyard
By Herman, Gail
While trying to dig a swimming pool in their backyard, Ryan and Katie discover what they think is a dinosaur bone. IL:K-3 RL:2.1

Bus Ride Bully By Meister, Cari
Gavin hates riding the school bus because of Max, the bully, but when Max has a bike accident and must stay home for a few days, Gavin makes a surprising discovery. IL:K-3 RL:1.8 

Carl the Complainer By Knudsen, Michelle
When someone tells him to take action instead of just whine, Carl the complainer enlists his friends for a campaign to extend the town park's hours of operation.  IL:K-3 RL:2.9

The Case of Vampire Vivian By Knudsen, Michelle
When Molly and her sister notice bats in their neighborhood for the first time, they become suspicious of the new girl in school nicknamed Vampire Vivian. IL:K-3 RL:3 

Cat that Disappeared By Mortensen, Lori
Ava, Clair, and Caleb search for Ava's missing cat, Oatmeal, before the pet show. IL:K-3 RL:1.5

CC Sabathia By Roberts, Russell
A biography of CC Sabathia, one of professional baseball's most outstanding pitchers, discussing his childhood in Vallejo, California, his high school athletic career, his experiences in the major leagues, his family, and his charitable work. IL:3-6 RL:6.6  

Clues in the Attic By Meister, Cari
Ben must face his fear of the attic in order to find his sister's pet snake. IL:K-3 RL:1.5

Darth Paper Strikes Back: An Origami Yoda Book By Angleberger, Tom
After several Origami Yoda-related incidences, Dwight is suspended for being a troublemaker and Yoda asks Tommy and Kellen to save Dwight by creating a case file that proves Dwight is an asset to Ralph McQuarrie Middle School. IL:3-6 RL:4.7  

Defend the Castle By Dolan, Hannah
The Lion King must defend his castle and kingdom from an attack by the Dragon Wizard and his army. IL:K-3 RL:2.4

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever By Kinney, Jeff
Greg, stuck indoors with his family over the holiday because of a blizzard, suffers from claustrophobia and worries they will not be able to weather the storm. IL:5-8 RL:6.4  

Dixie By Gilman, Grace
Dixie the puppy plays with Emma every day after school until Emma starts memorizing her lines for the school play. IL:K-3 RL:1.5

Dork Diaries. Books 1-3 By Russell, Rachel Renee
Nikki Maxwell shares details about her life in her diary, covering her struggle to be popular at her exclusive new private school; her experience helping her sister's ballet class party while at the same time going to the middle school Halloween dance with Brandon; and her problem with her nemesis MacKenzie, who threatens to reveal Nikki's status as a scholarship student to the rest of the school. IL:3-6 RL:5.4 

Drive to the Hoop By Maddox, Jake
Mel is thrilled when she has a chance to move from the freshman basketball team to the junior varsity squad, but when the other players refuse to accept her, Mel wonders if she will ever feel like a part of the team. IL:5-8 RL:3.5

Dump Truck Day By Meister, Cari
Jacob spends the day riding in a dump truck with his uncle Kurt. Includes discussion questions and writing prompts. IL:K-3 RL:2.1 

The End Zone By Mortensen, Lori
Olivia, a girl who loves playing flag football, finally gets a chance to join the team when one of the regular players gets sick. IL:K-3 RL:1.6

Eruption! The Story of Volcanoes By Ganeri, Anita
A simple, illustrated account about volcanoes. IL:K-3 RL:4 

Extreme Sports By Platt, Richard
Presents descriptions of five extreme sports contests, covering whitewater rafting, inline skating, steep skiing, freestyle motocross, and base jumping. IL:K-3 RL:5.3

Face-Off By Maddox, Jake
Kyle wants to be a great hockey player just like his older brother, but to do that, he must focus all of his energy on the game and not be distracted by a teammate's injury. IL:3-6 RL:3.2  

Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Superteam By Kelly, Neil
An introduction to the Fantastic Four, describing the powers, weapons, friends, and enemies of the team of superheroes. IL:K-3 RL:3.9

Follow That Clue! By Walker, Nan
With his mother away on a business trip, Ravi is afraid his birthday will be boring until a mysterious clue starts him on a treasure hunt that takes him all over town. IL:K-3 RL:2.6  

Full Court Dreams By Maddox, Jake
Annie wants nothing more than to get back onto the girls' basketball team, and despite getting a late start to her day, she vows to not let anything get in her way. IL:3-6 RL:3.7

The Ghost Town Mystery By Larsen, Kirsten
Sara and Max look for real ghosts on a class trip to the ghost town Buzzard City, a community deserted after the Gold Rush. IL:K-3 RL:1.8 

Goalkeeper Goof By Meister, Cari
David likes most everything about soccer except when he has to play goalie, but with a little help from his coach he loses the nickname Goalkeeper Goof. IL:K-3 RL:1.6

Gotcha! By Dussling, Jennifer
Pete is good at playing practical jokes on his friends at camp, but they use science to find a way to pay him back. IL:K-3 RL:3  

Great Escapes By Rathbone, Wendy
Describes some of the daring escapes of Indiana Jones, including his breaking out of dungeons and castles and fleeing from villains. IL:K-3 RL:3.7

I lost My Tooth! By Wilhelm, Hans
When Puppy's tooth comes out and he loses it, he figures out a way to get treats from the Tooth Fairy anyway. IL:K-3 RL:1 

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake By Numeroff, Laura
Describes a series of increasingly far-fetched events that might occur if someone were to give a cupcake to a cat. IL:K-3 RL:2.6

The Invincible Iron Man: Friends and Enemies By Teitelbaum, Michael
An introduction to Iron Man's universe that profiles the superhero's friends and enemies. IL:K-3 RL:5  

It Came From Outer Space By Barker, Henry
During a sleepover three friends see a bright object shooting through the sky and, the next morning, venture into the woods to discover what it is. IL:K-3 RL:2.5 

John Cena By Stone, Adam
Photographs and text examine the life and career of professional wrestler John Cena. IL:3-6 RL:4.4  

The Jonas Brothers By Rawson, Katherine
An introduction to the Jonas Brothers, providing information about their family, their music, and their plans for the future. IL:3-6 RL:3.5

Just Shocking! By Griffiths, Andy
A collection of short, humorous stories by Andy Griffiths designed to shock and delight children and adolescents. IL:3-6 RL:6.4  

Justin Bieber By Rajczak, Kristen
Contains photographs and information about the life and career of young singer Justin Bieber. IL:3-6 RL:2.3

Karate Countdown By Maddox, Jake
Kenny, a boy with a reputation for being angry, looks to his karate teacher for help in learning to control his temper in time for an upcoming match. IL:3-6 RL:2.6  

The Kickball Kids By Meister, Cari
Kyle and his friends meet at the park every Saturday to play kickball and when they decide they are ready, the Kicking Kids enter a big kickball tournament.
IL:K-3 RL:1.3

Lacrosse Attack By Maddox, Jake
Peter makes the varsity lacrosse team, but one of his teammates isn't happy about it. IL:3-6 RL:3.5 

Lights Out! By Penner, Lucille Recht
Hoping to be the last person awake, a young girl keeps count as one person after another turns out a light in the apartment building across from hers. IL:K-3 RL:2.2 

Lily's Lucky Leotard By Meister, Cari
Lily gets a new leotard that she hopes will bring her luck when she tries a new skill on the balance beam. IL:K-3 RL:1.6 

The Long Wait By Cobb, Annie
Two friends try to estimate how long they will have to wait in line to get on the fantastic new ride. IL:K-3 RL:2.5

The Lost Lunch By Mortensen, Lori
Andrew and Dylan get to school early so they can spend some time playing, and when lunch time comes, Andrew discovers he has lost his lunch. IL:K-3 RL:1.8 

The Lunch Box Surprise By Maccarone, Grace
When Sam's mother forgets to pack his lunch, his friends in the first grade come to his rescue. IL:K-3 RL:1.3

Mac and CheeseBy Weeks, Sarah
Two cats that are as different as night and day are nevertheless best friends. IL:K-3 RL:1.5 

Mac & Cheese, Pleeeeze! By May, Eleanor
While campaigning for her favorite meal--macaroni and cheese--in the school's first ever "Lunch Election," Caitlin tallies the votes in her head. IL:K-3 RL:2.7

Marley & Me: Marley to the Rescue! By Gaudet, M. K
A tender story of a family's love for their yellow Labrador retriever, Marley, and how he grew from a mischievous puppy into a nearly impossible adult that no amount of obedience school training could correct. IL:K-3 RL:2.1 

Marley & Me: Meet Marley By Engel, Natalie
Marley, a playful labrador retriever puppy, is loved by his family even though he eats buttons and pillows and drools on everything. IL:K-3 RL:1.6

Mascot Madness! By Griffiths, Andy
When Northwest Southeast Central faces Northwest West Academy in an athletic competition, the Bananas wonder how well they will fare against Northwest West's attack dog mascot and their ex-professional wrestling coach. IL:3-6 RL:5  

The Missing Monster Card By Mortensen, Lori
Ethan searches everywhere for his new Monster Card which went missing before he could show it to Zack. IL:K-3 RL:1.6

A Moldy Mystery By Knudsen, Michelle
When Wayne goes away to camp, his younger brother Jeff throws out some old containers he finds in their room. When he learns that Wayne is working on a science project about mold, he must try to recreate the experiment before Wayne gets home. IL:K-3 RL:2.9  

Monster Bug By Hayward, Linda
After cousins Kyle and Jenna discover how their older siblings managed to scare them by using shadows, they use the same trick to get revenge. IL:K-3 RL:3.5

Morning Mystery By Jones, Christianne
Brynn investigates to uncover the reason bad things happen to her one morning. IL:K-3 RL:1.8  

Mr. Strike Out By Maddox, Jake
David is a great baseball pitcher, but he always strikes out at bat until he learns about Babe Ruth and the importance of practice. IL:3-6 RL:2.7

No More Monsters for Me! By Parish, Peggy
Minneapolis Simpkin is not allowed to have a pet, so she finds the most unusual replacement. IL:K-3 RL:2.7 

Pencil of Doom! By Griffiths, Andy
Henry McThrottle finds Northwest Southeast Central School is crazier than he originally thought when he comes across the pencil of doom. IL:3-6 RL:6.3 

Pinkalicious By Kann, Victoria
After eating too many pink cupcakes, Pinkalicious turns pink and enjoys everything about being her favorite color. IL:K-3 RL:2.4  

Pinkalicious : Pink Around the Rink By Kann, Victoria
Pinkalicious's new ice skates are plain white, so before she takes them out on the ice she decides to color them with her cotton candy pink magic marker. IL:K-3 RL:1.8

Pinkalicious: Pinkie Promise By Kann, Victoria
Pinkalicious borrows paint from her friend to complete a picture for her teacher and must come up with a creative solution when she uses all of the pink, red, and white paint.
IL:K-3 RL:1.9 

Pinkalicious: School Rules! By Kann, Victoria
When Pinkalicious brings her imaginary unicorn, Goldie, to school and teaches him the rules, he helps her and the other students to become better friends. IL:K-3 RL:1.9

Pinkalicious: The Pinkerrific Playdate By Kann, Victoria
Pinkalicious is excited for her new friend Rose to come over and play. After a day of making friendship bracelets, baking cookies, and playing in the tree house, the girls are not ready for their fun to end. IL:K-3 RL:1.5 

Pip Squeak By Weeks, Sarah
Pip Squeak the mouse works hard to clean the house for his friend Max's visit, but then he has to clean up after Max too. IL:K-3 RL:1.6

The Playground Problem By McNamara, Margaret
When Nick, Jamie, and Reza refuse to let Emma join their soccer game just because she is a girl, Emma and her father devise a plan to teach the boys a lesson. IL:K-3 RL:1.5 

Purplicious By Kann, Victoria
Feeling like an outcast from her classmates who all love black, Pinkalicious decides to stay true to her favorite color and learns that pink is pretty and powerful. IL:K-3 RL:1.8

Quarterback Comeback By Maddox, Jake
Quarterback Carlos must learn not to hog the ball and how to work with his team if the Westfield Wildcats want to have a chance at beating the Huskies. IL:3-6 RL:3.6 

Race Car Rival By Maddox, Jake
When Shawn arrives at the Talladega racetrack hoping to be a junior member of Johnny Pride's team, he finds out that he will be helping Johnny's biggest rival, "Mean" Gene Pederson instead. IL:3-6 RL:4

Rah-Rah Ruby! By Jones, Christianne C
Ruby, an aspiring cheerleader, always seems to mess up the cheers that involve spelling, but after a summer of study she aces the tryouts and goes on to win the spelling bee. IL:K-3 RL:1.7  

Rey Mysterio By Sullivan, Kevin
Briefly details the accomplishments of professional wrestler Rey Mysterio for young readers, and describes his matches, signature moves, entrance theme, and more. IL:K-3 RL:3.9

Ricky's Rat Gang By Masters, Anthony
Mel Mouse and his friends, Max and Molly, come up with a plan to get rid of the rat gang that has invaded their turf in the stockroom of the supermarket and taken control of their supply of spilled sugar. IL:K-3 RL:2.4 

Robot Riot! By Griffiths, Andy
The students at Northwest Southeast Central are forced to run for their lives when a science experiment designed to prove whether or not the new girl is a robot goes haywire, loosing an entirely different type of robot on the school. IL:3-6 RL:5.2 

The Scary Slopes By Pattison, Darcy
Brooke gets discouraged when she cannot master the art of snowboarding, but she gets better with a little practice and help from her mom. IL:K-3 RL:2.1  

Secret Scooter By Jones, Christianne
Jackson sets out on a mission to find out who is the owner of a shiny red scooter that he dreams of owning. Includes discussion questions and writing prompts. IL:K-3 RL:2 

Selena Gomez By Nelson, Maria
Contains photographs and information about the life and career of young singer and actress Selena Gomez. IL:3-6 RL:3 

Shark in the Library! By Meister, Cari
Noah's class goes to the library where they learn about sea creatures, but when the kids all get to choose an animal to research, he is dismayed that he cannot find the shark. IL:K-3 RL:2.1 

Shaun White By Doeden, Matt
Presents a brief biography of snowboarder Shaun White, discussing his natural talent, crossover to skateboarding, Olympic successes, and other accomplishments. IL:3-6 RL:4.4  

Silverlicious By Kann, Victoria
Pinkalicious turns to the tooth fairy for help after she loses her sweet tooth. IL:K-3 RL:2.3

A Slimy Story By Knudsen, Michelle
When Dan accidentally brings an earthworm to school, he gets a homework assignment that helps him solve a nagging problem--what to give his mother for her birthday. IL:K-3 RL:2.4 

Slip! Slide! Skate! By Herman, Gail
A young girl who wants to be the best ice skater in the whole class learns that it is just as important to have fun. IL:K-3 RL:1.3

Soccer Game! By Maccarone, Grace
Brief rhyming text follows a group of children through some exciting plays during a soccer game. IL:K-3 RL:1.5 

Space Cat By Cushman, Doug
When Space Cat and Earl the robot encounter trouble with their space ship, they crash-land on an alien planet to search for more fuel. IL:K-3 RL:2.1 

Splat the Cat and the Duck with No Quack By Scotton, Rob
A cat named Splat falls off his bicycle on his way to school, landing nose to beak with a duck, and when the duck does not make a sound, Splat packs it in his backpack to bring to Mrs. Wimpydimple at school. IL:K-3 RL:2.2 

Splat the Cat, Good Night, Sleep Tight By Engel, Natalie
Splat is excited about camping out until his mother surprises him with the news that Spike and Plank will be there, too. IL:K-3 RL:1.6

Splat the Cat Sings Flat By Strathearn, Chris
Splat the cat is very nervous when his class prepares to sing on Parents' Night. IL:K-3 RL:1. 

Stacks of Trouble By Brenner, Martha
Mike learns how fast dirty dishes can pile up when he tries to avoid washing them. IL:K-3 RL:2.1

Star Wars : Clone Troopers in Action By Hibbert, Clare
Tells the story of the clone troopers in "Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones" and how they were created on Kamino as clones of Jango Fett to do battle against the separatists. IL:K-3 RL:2.9  

Star Wars, Luke Skywalker's Amazing Story By Beecroft, Simon
Simple text and photographs from the Star Wars motion pictures provide a brief description of the life of Luke Skywalker. IL:K-3 RL:2.4

Star Wars, R2-D2 and Friends By Beecroft, Simon
Describes the characteristics, abilities, and adventures of R2-D2, C-3PO, and other droids that populate the Star Wars universe. IL:K-3 RL:3.1  

Star Wars, the Clone Wars: Stand Aside--Bounty Hunters! By Beecroft, Simon
Cad Bane calls upon a number of bounty hunters to help him raid the Senate Building and the Jedi try to stop the attack. IL:K-3 RL:3.2 

Star Wars, the Clone Wars: Watch Out For Jabba the Hutt! By Beecroft, Simon
Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka travel throughout the galaxy battling droids and monsters. IL:K-3 RL:2.1  

Star Wars, What is a Wookiee? By Buller, Laura
Describes the main alien life forms which inhabit the Star Wars galaxy. IL:K-3 RL:2.3

Storm Surfer By Maddox, Jake
Even though they know better, Abby, Sara, and Jill decide to try surfing with a hurricane approaching and must rely on someone else to help them. IL:3-6 RL:3.7 

T-Ball Trouble By Meister, Cari
Marco, too young to play baseball, joins a T-ball team where he makes new friends, improves his skills, and has a lot of fun. IL:K-3 RL:1.4

Taylor Swift By Rawson, Katherine
Presents biographical information on country musician Taylor Swift, with photographs and information about her success at a young age, which includes winning the American Music Award and Teen Choice Award. IL:3-6 RL:4.2 

This Book is Haunted By Rocklin, Joanne
This book's "not too scary" ghost host tells five spooky stories. IL:K-3 RL:1.7 

Train Trip By Meister, Cari
Hannah and Will take their first train trip. Includes discussion questions and writing prompts. IL:K-3 RL:1.6 $ 

Treasure Fever! By Griffiths, Andy
Henry and his friends set out to find buried treasure hidden somewhere in the school; but the word gets out and everyone wants the treasure. IL:3-6 RL:3.8

Twisters! By Hayden, Kate
Describes how tornadoes form and what effects they have on people and their surroundings. IL:K-3 RL:3.6 

Ty's Triple Trouble By May, Eleanor
Ty takes on too many volunteer projects, with near-disastrous results. IL:K-3 RL:1.9

Victory Vault By Maddox, Jake
Kayla, smug in the knowledge that she is the best vaulter on her gymnastics team, slacks off in practice and makes a mistake in a meet that would have cost the Starz the trophy had the judges not been distracted by an accident in another part of the gym, and she faces the dilemma of whether to keep quiet or confess to her coach. IL:3-6 RL:3.8  

Werewolf Moon By Hanford, Juliana
Stan and Jake use science skills to help them investigate when a scary movie leaves them thinking that Jake's neighbor, Mr. Ray, is a werewolf. Includes facts about the moon's phases. IL:K-3 RL:2.5 

X Marks the Spot! By Penner, Lucille Recht
Upon moving to their grandfather's house, two boys discover a treasure map in the attic and must learn how to use it in order to find their surprise. IL:K-3 RL:2.1  

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