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Errin - a Progestin-only Birth Control Pill and a Nursing Mother's Dream

As a nursing mom, I was eager to find a birth control pill that worked for both myself and my baby. I knew without a doubt that while my number one priority was my daughter, my second priority was not to get pregnant again. Errin, a generic substitute for the drug Camilla, allowed me to satisfy both priorities. For that, I love this drug. The progestin-only pill is a dream come true for nursing mothers across the globe. No longer do moms have to nervously rely on the Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM), a method of natural birth control based on factors surrounding breastfeeding. Instead, they can trust in a progestin-only pill that wont affect the quality or amount of their breast milk or the health of their nursing baby.

Having your first child is like no other experience in the world. Though the first month was certainly a rough one in our house, it was amazing nonetheless. That didn't stop me from being eager to make sure a month like that either never happened again, or at least didn't for a long time. At my 6 week appointment, I was more than ready to hear about a progestin-only pill that would ensure we would get to spend years with our daughter, uninterrupted.

I started Errin immediately and have been pleased with it ever since. Seven months down the road and I am still a satisfied customer. I have yet to experience any negative side effects, to include pregnancy, which makes me (and my husband) very happy. More than that, with Errin, there is no nausea, weight gain or any of the other symptoms often associated with a birth control pill.

For some women anxious to keep their only child an only child, the LAM method might be best for them. As long as the mother's menstrual period has not returned, she is breastfeeding her baby on demand (both day and night) and her baby is less than 6 months old. Personally, the risk of that method alone was just too high. Whether or not you initially choose the LAM method, at 6 months postpartum, you will decide one way or another. Unless you are someone who simply does not like drugs, I would suggest considering Errin and allowing it to help you be the best parent to as many (or as few) children as you would like to have.For any type of nursing help visit  Write My Essay