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May 10th

2nd form:

The cat is on the red bed. The rat is on the mat. I can play the drum.

3rd Form:

This week is the winter toy fair.

Albert, the toy maker is very busy.

He is making a girl puppet and a boy puppet.

He makes the girl puppet. He makes the neck, the shoulders, the arms, the elbows and the wrists.


4th form:

For lunch, Tania has rice and soup with meat and vegetables. For dinner, her favourite dish is a kind of stew with fish and onions.

Liam has a big breakfast. He has cereal with milk and then eggs and toast with jam.

Aiko has rice, soup and fish for breakfast, and for dinner she usually eats chicken inside an omelette.


5th Form:

My English teacher gave me your name and address and said that you´d like to have a Mexican penfried, so here I am.

My name is Amelia Gonzales and I´m fifteen years old. I´m quite tall for my age, so my friends call me  "Cactus".

I´ve got a brother and a sister, Jose and Elena. We live with our parents and our grandmother in a house in Mexico City. My bedroom is upstaris in the attic. It´s really small, but I love it because it is like a hiding place. What´s your bedroom like? 


 6th Form

One of the reasons that Madonna has stayed a star and has been making music for the past thirty years is because she is always in the media, on the front of magazines and giving interviews to journalists. Also, she has constantly changed her music and dress style. She knows how to keep herself in the public eye.

For a long time, Madonna was all alone at the top. But not any more. The first newcomer to make a bid for her crown was Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga took a leaf out of Madonna´s book and burst onto the music wearing weird and wonderful costumes that got her noticed.

May 17th

2nd Form:

Look at the book. It is on the mat. I can see a pen next to the hen.

3rd Form:

Albert arrives at the fair. There are many toys at the fair. He is sad. He doesn´t have a toy. He looks around and sees his puppet. The girl puppet has got a violin. They want to dance


4th Form:

Breakfast in my country isn´t big and it isn´t small. It´s sweet and it´s salty. We have tea but we don´t have any coffee. We have our tea in glasses with some sugar. We also have bread or toast and butter with jam or honey. Sometimes we have some olives and a little cheese. My sister doesn´t have any butter because she doesn´t like it.


5th Form:

I was sleeping in the garden,

when the ground began to shake,

A vase fell in the fountain,

the fountain fell in the lake,

I ran inside the shop,

And I thought, "No, this is it!" 

Yeah, I was feeling pretty angry when...

The earthquake hit.

Dange, danger, danger everywhere!

Life is full of danger,

You´d better take care!

I was walking in the city

When the day turned really grey.

I looked up at the clouds

And I knew I couldn´t stay.

There was rain in the clouds,

There was smoke and thunder too.

I was feeling pretty happy when the volcano blew.



6th Form:

Lady Gaga is a musician, a  big performer and a fashion star, all in one. Whether it´s in her exciting music videos or making an entrance on the red carpet at a movie premiere, she turns heads whatever she does.

Rihanna is the next diva to have made her mark on the world music stage. Born in Barbados Rihanna first started  to make a name for herself in 2007 and since then she has become one of the biggest-selling artists of all time. She has also made quite an impression on audiences with her wild performances and costumes.

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