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2nd Form

The dinosaurs are looking for food.

There aren´t any leaves.

The sun is very hot.

They are tired of walking.


3rd Form


It was now summer and there was no more school. Tom and his friend Joe Harper went to sit by the Mississippi river. They fished, talked and looked at the boats.

One day Tom said:" Let´s go and do something exciting".

At midnight the three boys met on the river.

Tom brought some meat, Joe brought some bread and Huck brought a frying pan.

They found a small raft and they went down the river to Jackson´s Island.


4th Form


The great escape.

By the time we got back to Aunt Sally´s house, Tom knew everything. We decided to tell Aunt Sally that Tom was his brother Sid. I took his suitcase and pretended it was mine. Aunt Sally was very surprised to see us both arrive! But she was so happy to have, she thought, both of her nephews with her. She put us in the same room together.

That night we went to bed early and waited until everyone else went to bed. Then we climbed out of the window. We looked around, but we didn´t know where Jim was. Then Tom cried, "I know where they put Jim! He´s in that shed over there!" So we went to the shed and looked inside through a small window.