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2nd Form:

Peter is in his playroom.
Now it´s eigth o´clock and it´s time for breakfast.
Peter puts the soldier next to the window. 


3rd Form: 

The Aztecs loved games. They played a ball game on a special sports field. They liked songs and plays too. They had theatres in their city. In the theatres, they watched plays. At festivals, they read poems and watched people doing gymnastic and dancing. 
The Aztec women sewed beautiful clothes. They used lots of beads. They had amazing hats with lots of feathers.

4th Form: 

Pocahontas was about 10 years old when the English settlers were in America. The English and the Native Americans were not friends. One of the leaders of the settlers was John Smith. One day he was a prisoner of the Native Americans. Smith was to die. He was on his knees, but brave little Pocahontas spoke to her father. “Please don’t hurt him. Kill me,” were her words. Her father was moved, and then Smith was safe.

5th Form: 


6th Form: