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2nd Form

There are people in the garden. They are playing in the pond. The man is selling ice-cream. Winnie is very angry.


3rd Form

My name is Dan, I live with my mother and my brother Ben in a house near a forest. One autumn morning Mum tells us to go out to  cut down a tree because we need wood for the fire. "We need it for the winter. It´s very cold in the winter".


4th Form

One day, last month, Katy wanted to get a new pet, so she went to the pet shop in town to buy a kitten. When she looked at all the kittens in the shop, she couldn´t decide which one to choose because they were all lovely. Then she saw a little white and black kitten which was sitting in a corner of his cage, looking like she was sad. Katy opened the cage and picked up the kitten. It had soft fur, big brown eyes and a wet nose.


5th Form

Justin and Mary woke up early, even though they were vacationating at their uncle´s lake house. The night before, Uncle Thomas told them about the Foggy Figure that haunts the lake. Justin and Mary were determined to see the ghostly creature before the vacation was over.

"Is it foggy outside?" Mary asked as Justin peered out the window.

"Yup! Let´s go!" Justin let go of the curtain and rushed to the door with Mary on his heels.

It was only 5 A.M. so everyone else in the house was still asleep. As they crept through the kitchen to the back door. Mary sniffed the air. It had the faint scent at coffee and somenting sweet.


6th Form

In 1998, twelve-year old Vinicius de Oliveira from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil  became a film star in the film Central do Brazil, or Central Station in English. The film got an Oscar nomination for Best  Foreign Film. But Vinicius was not always a star. Before he made the film, he was a shoeshine boy, cleaning people´s shoes in the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

In 1997, Vinicius was just eleven years old with almost no education. He worked at an airport in Rio de Janeiro, cleaning the shoes of businessmen. One day, he asked a man if he wanted him to clean his shoes but the man said "no", because he was wearing trainers!