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2nd Form

The family is in the house. Dad is in the room. Mary is sleeping in her bed.


3rd Form

Albert makes the boy puppet. Now he has got two beautiful puppets. They are special. They can dance and jump. The puppets jump up in the air. Albert is very surprised.

4th Form

The Aztecs lived in Mexico about 700 years ago. Houses were made of wood. Palaces and temples were made of stone. Around the city they had farms and planted fruit and vegetables. They hunted and fished too.

Aztec children learned at home until they were fourteen years old. Then they started school. Boys learned to read and write and girls to cook and sew.

5th Form

Lightning strikes tall buildings such as the Empire States Building in New York and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, an average of twenty to  thirty times a year. This is why many tall building have lightning rods to protect them. These metal rods connect the top of the building to a rod in the ground and this carries the lightning away. Benjamin Franklin discovered that lightning was electricity and invented the lightning rod in 1752.


6th Form


Have you ever met a famous person? Have you ever written to a celebrity? Have you ever maybe got a film star´s or pop star´s autogrph? Tell me your celebrity stories!

Hi, Angela I´ve been reading your blog for a year and I always enjoy it! To answer your question, I´ve never met a celebrity, but my dad has. He´s been working as a journalist for about 15 years and he´s interviewed lots of famous people, including Leonardo di Caprio, Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson! That´s cool, isn´t it?!

I want to work in the media too when I´m older - then I can meet some famous people too!

Laura P


6th Form

Hi! How is it going? Thanks a lot for your postcard. Sounds like you had a great time in Switzerland. Well we went back to school today for the first day of the winter term. Boring! I can´t believe how quickly the summer holidays went. Actually it wasn´t that bad. There are a couple of new guys in my class this year and they both seem really nice. One of them is really good at football. I´m going to try to get him on the team!

Talking of football, we´ve got our first match next week we´re training hard at the moment, and I think we´ve got  a good chance of winning. Wish us luck! Anyway, i´d better go now. I´ve got loads of homework to do tonight (unfortunately!).