Rules and Procedures


Welcome back to school! We hope you and your child are excited about this year.  We know we are!  We can’t wait to get to know our students and their families.  As you read through this, please understand that some things may change throughout the year.  If this happens, we will send home a note so that you are aware of the change.  We are looking forward to trying new ideas this year.  It should be fun! 


Behavior Plan

Our behavior plan is pretty simple.  If a student is not behaving, their name will be written on the board as a warning.  Each subsequent time they will receive a mark after their name.  The first mark is worth ten minutes of their recess time.  The second mark will equal the whole recess.  If a student receives more than two check marks, he/she will lose all of their recess and be sent to see Mrs. Gordon.


Assignment Book

Each student will be given an assignment book.  The student will be responsible for filling out the assignment book each day.   We will be initialing the assignment book each day in order to make sure the assignments are written in before the students head home. We expect the student to take the assignment book home every night and that a parent/guardian please initial the book each night.  Please be sure to check it daily in case we write or attach a note.  We try to allow enough time in class for students to get their work done.  If your child uses his/her time wisely, there should not be much homework most of the time.  


Expandable Folders

We are asking that each student have an expandable folder with at least 8 pockets by the time we return from Labor Day weekend.  Walmart carries these in their office/paper section of the store.  We have tried this system in the past and it really helped students stay better organized.  The ones reinforced with material tend to outlast the hard plastic folders.


Homework Expectations

We expect all children to have their homework done and turned in on time.  If your child has a special circumstance where he/she did not get the work done, then you may send a note or call me and we will decide if the reason is excusable.


Homework will be taken care of a little differently this year.  Each assignment turned in on time will receive 10 points in addition to the assignment score.  If an assignment is turned in one day late, the student will receive 5 points in addition to the assignment score.  Any assignment turned in two or more days late will receive 1 point in addition to the assignment score.  Any student can earn half of the missed points back by correcting all of the missed problems.  


Blue Folders

We will be sending home lots of information for you this year.  This will usually be done in the blue folders on Fridays.  We feel that books are very important, so we try to send home book orders about every month.  You are not obligated to order from the book orders.  We just want to provide you with the opportunity to buy books at great prices, plus each order helps us earn points for new books in our room.  :)  


If you ever need to contact us, please do so by calling the school between 8:00am and 4:00pm.  You may also e-mail us.  This is usually the fastest and easiest way to communicate with us.  We usually check our e-mail a few times throughout the day.   Please feel free to contact us about questions and/or concerns.  


Other things we can look forward to this year are making an edible cell, going to the zoo in Omaha, AR field trips, reading projects, and some exciting science experiments.  We’re sure we will have a fabulous year!!! We are looking forward to it!



Mrs. Luther and Miss Hoadley     

































Please sign and return this paper stating that you and your child have read and understand the attached letter regarding fifth grade procedures.  It needs to be returned to us by Wednesday, August 30th.



Thank you,

Mrs. Luther and Miss Hoadley





___________  We have read and understand the behavior plan for fifth grade.



____________   We have read and understand the consequences for having late work in the fifth grade classrooms.



____________  We have read and understand the expectations regarding the assignment book.




Parent Signature__________________________________________________




Student Signature_________________________________________________