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My goal for every student that comes through  my class is to show them how IMPORTANT they are and how much they can do if they just put their minds to it. I know that every student learns at different levels and I also know that every student lives in their own world. Which causes me to always be looking for new ways to help each individual student in a way that they will understand. My main focus this year is to allow the students to see how much progress they make and to be proud of all the hard work they do in 5th grade. 


5th grade conference time:

1:45pm - 2:30 pm


If you would ever like to set up an appointment to meet with me or the entire 5th grade team please email me or call my classroom. I have added my contact information for you and hopefully we will stay in constant communication. This is very important for me. I want the students to see how important it is for the teachers and the parents to work together towards their future. 


Mrs. Everett's Email