This page has the calendar that will have all events related to 5th grade. This information may or may not pertain to any other grade. If you have any questions as to whether the event for 5th grade applies to other grades please call the office and double check. 


This page has all the information you will need for ELAR assignments. This page will have study guides, projects and homework. Please email me if you have any questions which may come up throughout the year. 


This page will include any and all information that the parents need to know. This page will have the notes you can click on and view online. Parents can also view school supply list and other list of items which may be needed by 5th grade. Parents may also find the Merit system (discipline form) information on this page.  


  In my class we will be using Biblionasium to compete in various reading challenges throughout the year. I will not be sending reading logs home but they will have to fill out their reading log online 3 times a week to ensure they are staying on track. Each student will be required to enter a challenge. They will have several to choose from at all times. Parents will be able to go online and see how their child is progressing. I will asking for your email and sending home an invite so that you can connect with me and monitor how your child is doing. Please go to the page to find the link to the parent portal login.


This page will have information regarding anything and everything that has to do with Reading. Every year I have parents ask me for help on where they could find more information on helping their child with reading. If you have any questions regarding where to find more information on something please email me and I will email you once it has been added to this page. Please check out this page and see what amazing information you will learn about reading. 


I know that the STAAR is still months away but it is never to early to start practicing. On this page you will find practice passages which will help your child get ready for the STAAR later this year. 


Please check this page out if you have any questions about who I am and what I want to achieve in my classroom. 


If you do not know the time of our conference or how to get a hold of us please go to this page. It will give you all the contact information you need.