This is where I will add any information that has been sent home in a letter. You will be able to click on each link and it will bring up the letter that was sent home. 





Crockett County Consolidated School Website

2017-2018 School Supply List

Student Handbook

NutriKids (lunch payment center)

Gradebook (view child's grades)

Class Dojo


Students in my homeroom class will each have an individual mailbox. Anytime something is handed back for them to take home it will be put in their mailbox. 

It is the students RESPONSIBLITY to check their mailbox everyday to ensure every letter is taken home for parents to view. 


The Perfect Attendance Party was cancelled this Friday due to weather. IT was moved to this coming up Monday or Tuesday. 

In my classrooms, students are not allowed to sit passively and not turn in their homework. 

They are required to take responsibility for their actions by completing a pink slip when homework is not turned in.  The students are warned of this procedure on the first day of school. They will have a chance to turn in their homework but will have points deducted for it being late. Parents have the opportunity to see the pink slips turned in by their child at anytime they choose. 


Pink Slip

Journal Grading Rubric

Merit System

This is where you can find information about the merit system and what I will be giving merits for and demerits. Students will also have so many rescues to use througout the 6 weeks. Please continue to check this page for further updates.